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  1. ar145846 says:

    I couldn’t pay attention, I just couldn’t. The High School BC calculas course was just too boring. I had to escape. But I couldn’t. Looking out the window in the unforgiving room, I noticed the buildings. There were hundreds of them. I also noticed the windows in each one. There were thousands of them. And I knew, that somewhere in one of those windows…was a sniper. A cold blooded killer scoping his target. I do not know who sent him, or why he’s after me or why now? Perhaps sitting near the window during this one time in an entire day was probably more convinent. Does he even have a family? A wife and, or kids? Just how much was he paid to get the job done? Or was just a personal vendetta? That did not matter. Nothing mattered. The only thing that mattered was, that when he would pull the trigger, he had better not have missed.

    Here’s a picture to sum up my life:!/photo.php?fbid=319077921468316&set=a.319077911468317.72351.100000983324988&type=3&theater

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