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Melessa: Blog #1

This is a little late but hey, my name’s Melessa I’m 18 years old and I was born in Queens, which brings me to the first picture.  I’ve used the A train countless times and I’ve encountered a wide variety of people on the subway, some more eccentric than I would like. But that’s all a part of living in New York, as anyone reading this post will know. I love riding roller coasters and when I found this second picture on the internet I could feel a little of the anticipation you get when you’re on a roller coaster about to go down that first hill. The third picture is a picture taken at Disney world, where I had some of the best moments of my childhood. There are a lot of things I still do that are childish and immature but I don’t think people should take themselves too seriously all the time. The next picture is from one of my favorite shows Breaking Bad, everyone should watch this show. The fifth picture is taken in England, where I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m actually planning a trip there for next summer. Next is a picture of a cup of tea. In my experience, a good cup of tea can fix anything and up to this day, if I go to my grandmother’s house after a bad day the first thing she does is start making a cup of tea. The last picture was taken graduation day with most of the kids from my major, Industrial Design. I saw this group of people A LOT for the past two years and some of my closest friends are in this picture.

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8 Pictures That Describe Me

In order to complete this assignment I chose to use the picture gallery. I believed that it would be the easiest way to show a little about myself. When i started the assignment I didn’t want my picture choices to be to simple or obvious. Of course while I was trying to find pictures the only ideas i had where simple ans obvious. My heritage is important, so there is both a Greek and a Cypriot flag in my gallery. My home and neighborhood in Queens is important and always will be which explains the picture of Bell Boulevard in Bayside, Queens. Learning to drive and gaining the ability of have that kind of freedom was important so i put up a picture of my car. The computer I have right now may not be the most important thing in the world to me but my love for computers in general is. My family is massive and though i found it a bit creepy, I put a picture in my gallery of some random family to show this. I grew up with my dog and now that i moved away from the house i spend a good amount of time thinking about her so of course i had to put a picture of her up. Lastly i chose a picture of a plane. From really young i have always really enjoyed traveling. Everything about it is interesting and I believe that it is my inspiration for a lot of choices in my life. I would like to one day move to Cyprus and learn more about my heritage. Even though the pictures are kind of lame they show a good deal of information about my life.

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Calvin Abel

Calvin abel Slide Show

The first picture is about the Giants they are my favorite football team. Me and my whole family love them.

The second picture is about the yankees most of my family loves the mets but im a yankees fan till death and Derek Jeter’s my favorite player.

The the third and fourth pictue is a Brookyln logo and the Brooklyn bridge. I was born and raised and Brooklyn and have never been any place better. Its the greatest place on earth and has the best people you can find.

The fifth picture is a picture of the album ‘The Blueprint’ by Jay-Z. Its my all time favorite album and he is my favorite artist.

The sixth picture is of a football. Since I was a little kid I loved football I can watch it for days and would have played for the rest of my life if I could have.

The seventh picture is of a laughing smiley face to representsthe jovial side of me me. I can be very goofy at times because I feel humour is one of the best ways if not the best way to interact with other people.

The eighth picture is of picture is of a cartoon studying because aside the the laidback and goofy part of my personality I can be quite studious when im interested in something.

The nineth picture is of my dad, sister,cousin and myself and the tenth picture is of me and some of the seniors on my high school football team.

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Daniel Cosares Blog #1


The first image is of my favorite baseball player Robinson Cano. This represents my love for sports, and the New York Yankees. Baseball played a big part in my life. I played baseball for nine years of my life. My favorite position to play was second base, the position Robinson Cano plays. This image also represents one of my favorite memories related to sports. My baseball team and I went to a Staten Island Yankee game together. We were able to go on the field with the players. During the game i was given a baseball by one of the players. After the game i met Robinson Cano and he signed the ball i was given in the game.
The second image is of my favorite basketball player Steve Nash. This further represents my overall love for sports. Much of what i do on a daily basis is related to sports, whether it be watching or playing. I find basketball to be one of the most exciting sports to watch, so during basketball season i spend a lot of my time watching as many games as i can.
The third image is of Guild Wars 2, a new video game i have been playing. Playing video games is one of the things i like to do in my free time. I have played video games my entire life and they help me calm down and get away from anything going on in my life.
The fourth image is of Starcraft Brood War, my favorite video game. Although i don’t play this game anymore, it shaped a lot of my childhood. I would play this game with my brother and cousins for hours at a time. This helps represent who i am because it shows my love for video games and how they tie into my family life.
The fifth image is an Alienware Laptop. This is an item of importance to me. I spend a lot of my time on the computer, whether it be on video games to doing schoolwork. This is important to me and helps represent who i am because it shows a lot of what i do during my free time.
The sixth image is my dog. I have had this dog for four years now, and it is the first real pet i have ever had. This dog helped teach me responsibility and reward. Helping to train and discipline my dog lead to him being a loving and easy to handle dog. This also shows my love for animals. I care a lot about animals and my dog is a good example of this.
The seventh image is of my parents. My parents are extremely important to me. They support me through everything. No matter how much we go through as a family, they are always there for me. They taught me a lot and made me who i am to me.
The eight and final image is my good friend, the cousin i am closest with, and me. My brother was the one who took the picture. This picture shows how i like to hang out with the people that are close to me. I spend almost every weekend with these people, and share most of my interests with them. This can help represent me as a good friend, and how my interests usually reflect the people i choose as friends.
All of these images help shape who i am and what i can be like.

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Part of a Whole

this is me. i took all of these photos. im artsy. im creative. i have a broken camera at home.

Media has always been a passion of mine because it makes expressing ones self so easy. It makes people feel and react a certain way. My photos let me tell you my story; the interesting thing is that no two people will interpret the story the same way. I like that.

I like to have fun and be a kid when the time calls for it, I try not to take myself to seriously. I tend to look at the positive side of life, and try to find the little things most people would not pay attention to that make us happy on a daily basis. Staying positive, to me, means focusing on the great breakfast I had this morning with my girlfriend or felling the sun’s warm on and otherwise cold, bleak day. It’s not always easy though and I often find myself feeling trapped in the cold, scary, lonesome world around me. I’m always cheerful on the outside but it all becomes too much sometimes. In those instances I focus on the little happy things amidst all of the distractions of the city. I embrace the calmness of a park or the business of a random street. At the end of the day this city cheers me up; I’m at home here and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is my city and It makes me who I am. I love it.

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Notorious B.I.G. **JUICY**

My whole life was a dream. I went through so many problems growing up, but I’ve finally realized that it has made me a better person. I’ve always dreamt of living in New York, and going to school in the city. And here I am, at Baruch, studying math, which is what I love most.


Cat Power **RUIN**

I am a very generous and appreciative person to everyone around me. I am very lucky to be who I am and I get to have everything that I have. I show appreciation to all of my family and friends, even though sometimes I may not show it, I truly am thankful for everything that I have.


Saharan Gazelle Boy **STRANGE TEEN HEART**

Even though I am a legal adult now, I am still just a kid at heart. I believe that everyone is just a kid at heart. Even though that we are all teenagers in our class, everyone is sort of strange in their own ways. If you get to know me, you’ll see that I am sort of strange myself!


Madvillian **GREAT DAY TODAY**

I wake up every morning feeling the same way, happy. I am extremely happy to be alive and to be doing what I want to do. I try to tell myself that every day is going to be better than the last because there isn’t really a benefit in trying to have a bad day on purpose.


The Descendents **I’M NOT A LOSER**

Most of my life, in school, I’ve been made fun of for the stupidest reasons. Whether it was the way I dressed, or who my friends were, I was always called a loser. But now, people know that I am not a loser, once they get to know me.


College feat. Electric Youth **A REAL HERO**

I think about who and what a hero is, and I realize that I have never really considered anyone my hero. One day, I want to have a family consisting of a wife and children. But I don’t just want to be a husband or dad, I want to be a real hero.


Drake **SHOT FOR ME**

I’ve had a rough time growing up with my mom because she never really challenged me. She actually used to tell me that I would never amount to anything. But I know that I proved her wrong. I’ve gotten accepted into a specialized high school, and into every college that I applied for. I have two high paying jobs that I both love and take very seriously.


Yazoo **Midnight**

The song talks about how a girl doesn’t want a boy to leave her. I feel the same way about a lot of things. I don’t want my friends to leave me even though I am going to a different college than them. My friends are very important to me but it’s hard sometimes because my closest friends live extremely far away from me.



A lot of things bother me, and I’m not really good at putting up with it. If you do something that makes me feel annoyed or something, you’ll most likely know it. I can’t hardly stand when people are annoying, but I try my best to make myself get over it as fast as I can.


Best Coast **I WANT TO**

Even though I am 18 years old, I don’t get to do everything that I want to do. I don’t get to go out as much as I want to, or be with the people that I want to be with. It’s really unfair but I am finally explaining things to my dad and I think that he is finally starting to trust that I am fully capable of being able to tell the difference between what is right, and what is wrong.

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1st Blog Post

FRO 1st Blog Post

Right off the bat as you look at the pictures that I have posted, you can tell that I am an avid sports fan, more specifically, a new york sports fan.  The yankees logo is the first picture that I posted because they have been the team that I have been following for the longest time.  Baseball was the first sport I was introduced to and therefore is my favorite to play but unfortunately, it is a hassle to organize a group to play.  The next two slides show the giants and jets logos respectively and I enjoy watching them play. – The Giants Rule – Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI winners.  Football is very interesting because the game is vastly different from any other sport.  For the last of the sports, I decided to put the Knicks logo because during my free time, I play basketball the most out of any other sport because its fun and does not require much to start a game.  Continuing the new york love,  my favorite NBA team is the Knicks.  As for the next slide, one of my favorite series of video games to play during my free time is Final Fantasy.  Most of the games that were released in the US I have played before.  For the last few slides, I decided to use pictures to represent some of the bad habits that I have and want to change throughout my time at Baruch.  The picture is not actually my desk, but is a representation of how messy my desk gets sometimes when all of my papers and schoolwork get thrown onto it and never get touched again.  I hope to be more organized during college so that it will be easier for me to finish everything that I need to do.  The next picture shows someone cramming for tests or important assignments.  I’m sure everyone has done this at some time in there life – staying up until around 4 or so finishing something that I was going to do earlier.  I end up finishing my projects with a decent job, but I could have done a better job if I didn’t have to rush and the loss of sleep catches up to me pretty quickly.  The last slide says YOLO because I usually tend to do things without thinking and in hindsight I always end up questioning my decisions.

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Songs About me

Starting freshman year in College, entering a new environment it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and sometimes alone.  I just got through a bad break up with a guy i was dating for a year and a half, and most of these songs represent who I am now.  Music is food for the ears and the first half of these songs got me through a really tough time.  They comfort me, make me happy and ensure me that things will be okay. The second half of these songs are just songs that represent me.  These are songs i drive to, chill out to.  These songs are happy and fun songs that friends and i listen to then just break out dancing. I am a supportive, compassionate friend and these songs represent that as well. i know how to be there for my friends and always lend a shoulder to cry on; with that said i can also be crazy wild and fun and the last half of the songs represent the carefree wild girl within me.  I love the power of songs and lyrics because when someone hears a song for the first time they can instantly think one thing, but once they analyze the lyrics and listen to the song over and over a whole new meaning arises; i feel like thats the same for many people including me- people meet you and instantly, based on first impressions make assumptions; but there is always more than meets the eye and once someone gets to know you better its like listening to a song over and over and finding deeper, more substantial meaning.


Birdy- Skinny Love


Bon Iver- Towers


Radiohead- High and Dry


Death Cab For Cutie- I will follow you into the dark


Lana Del Rey- Video Games


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros


The Naked And Famous – Young Blood


Amy Whinehouse- Valerie


Lana Del Rey- National Anthem


The Police- Roxanne

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Here I am

The first slide represents me and the most important person in my life which is my nanna, without her I wouldn’t of made it where I am today; Which is here at Baruch, in college. The second slide is my family, I am a very family oriented person I believe family comes first, blood is thicker than water ! The third slide shows that I’m religious, I practice Christianity; I grew up in the church and I still go as often as I can. The fourth slide is a picture of my High School Basketball ‘family’ ; I say family because once your on a team you spend most of the day together and you have to learn each other and learn how to love each other, like a family. The fifth slide is a pic stitch of me and my role model in the NBA Rajon Rondo, he is also a point guard, and he is the best point guard in the NBA and that’s non-debatable. The Sixth slide are my best friends, I love them like family, we been through a lot and they are always there for me. I call them my right and left hand. Other than my passion for basketball, I LOVE sneakers, sort of a freak if you want to say. I prefer Nike and Jordan but I’ll wear new balance and Adidas on occasion. The eighth slide is a picture of food made by my nanna, I love food; I love it even more when its cooked by her. The last and final slide just shows my cooky side, I’m a very outgoing person at times, and I do have a personality, so when you see me don’t assume that I’m always serious because usually I always have a serious face on.


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1st Blog Post

First and foremost, I am a daughter to two wonderful and caring parents. My father is Marcus DePompeis (displayed in Slide 2 on the far left) and my mother is Carmen DePompeis (displayed in Slide 2 on the far right). Second of all, I am an older sister to my obnoxious little brother Marc DePompeis (displayed in Slide 2 on the right and in Slide 3 on the right). My brother is 16 years old and is a junior at my old high school. In addition, I am a niece and one of numerous cousins on my father’s and my mother’s side of the family (displayed in Slide 4). I am a friend to many people some who went to my high school, some who go to Baruch College, and some from organizations I have gotten involved in (displayed in Slide 5). I was a student at the Hendrick Hudson High School (displayed in Slide 6). I attended school in the Hendrick Hudson School District from kindergarten to senior year. In June of 2012, I graduated from Hendrick Hudson High School (graduation picture displayed in Slide 7). I no longer live in a small village in Westchester County, NY. Now, I am a resident at the Baruch dorms on 3rd Ave in Manhattan, NY (displayed in Slide 8). I am no longer a senior at Hendrick Hudson High School. Now, I am a freshman at Baruch College and I am proud to call myself a Bearcat (displayed in Slide 9).

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