Sep 05

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Give me a Sign – Breaking Benjamin –

            Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band that I began listening to because of a friend.  I was never really interested in rock only because it was never properly introduced to me.  The song “Give me a Sign” has been my favorite song and ringtone for a few years.  I listen to it when I’m feeling down and it usually brightens my mood.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz –

            I like this song because around the time when I first started dating my girlfriend, I used to sing this to her all the time.  When I called her at night I used to sing her to sleep and this would usually do the trick. It’s also a very nice relaxing song.

Butterfly – Gyptian –

The reason I like this song is simple, it was the first song my girlfriend showed to me and it was her way of telling me how she felt about me at first.

Forever – Chris Brown –

This is a really nice song that actually got me in to listening to Chris Brown.  I guess you can say this was my gateway song into R&B.

Somebody to Love – Justin Bieber –

I’ve been a Justin Bieber fan since day one when I heard one time. He has a lot of talent and I couldn’t deny him of that and neither could usher, Chris Brown or Justin Timberlake.

 Tim Westwood Freestyle – Big Sean –


It’s not really a song but when I first heard it I immediately liked Big Sean.  In my opinion he’s the best rapper out at the moment and so is everyone in good music.  Sometimes he recycles lyrics as in he raps about the same things over and over but it is still good to listen to.


            There’s no one song from Drake that I like over the overs.  I think Drake is a lyrical genius and I was a fan before he made it big in America.  He always releases new and interesting music and manages to be original at the same time.

Through the Wire – Kanye West –

This is Kanye’s first song and after hearing it I knew he would be an amazing artist.  He is also a fresh rapper and I anticipate any song he comes out with.  My favorite album of his would have to be his most recent which is “Watch the Throne” which he released with rapper Jay-Z whom I also like

Lose Yourself – Eminem –

I think everyone from my generation knew this song and Eminem.  As a kid, he was inspirational to me but I don’t really know why, I just wanted to be like him.  I loved the movie 8-mile even though it wasn’t entirely true.  Eminem’s style was unique to me and I believed that you couldn’t find it anywhere else in the world.  He was also one of the only rappers to not have beef or maintain a certain stereotypical “rapper lifestyle” so he set the standard and was a good example (until relapse).

Tyler the Creator

            Google it.  ‘Nuff said

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    12:08 pm - 9-17-2012

    jane also has lose yourself!