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Nov 29

meet the author-chenasia campbell

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On the day we met the author of the book “Brooklyn”, I found myself having a change of heart. See when we received the book I had no plans on reading it, so I didn’t. Truthfully the book looked boring and there were more than 100 other things I’d rather be doing. On the day the author came to talk to us, I was captivated by his passion. What made me want to read the book was not that I thought it was well written based on what he said, but he truly believed in what he had written. He was passionate about writing and I can tell he didn’t care if anyone in the audience liked his work. He liked it and that was all that mattered. When I went home, I was astonished as I found myself searching for “Brooklyn”. I would say meeting the author enlightened me. I am so happy I got the chance to be apart of that conference because I am now able to look at the book with new eyes and I have a sincere respect for the author.

Nov 28

Da Rubin Museum – Rico

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It wasn’t a bad experience, it was actually kind of nice to see these artifacts. im not particularly interested in the topic but I enjoyed going and learning new things. One thing that really freaked me out was that room that you could not go into, the one where Irene shushed the guard. I wasn’t too crazy about that. Overall it was nice to leave the classroom and go see things that i had never even heard about 🙂

Nov 28


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The STARR center, oh what a delight it is, how it has been hiding from me this whole time. I DON’T KNOW. I wish I could have known about this earlier, because I was looking for internships at the beginning of the year, but that sort of faded away. Personally now i don’t really care about it as I plan on transferring to a more art atmosphered school since it is what i want to do. But it is nice to know that if i stay here I have that as a guide to help me out 🙂

Nov 26


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I appreciate this school and always boast of it to my other Cuny friends. In the past, it was always about the fact that my school is clean, has the lowest acceptance rate of Cuny schools, and that it has one of the toughest business schools in NYC. Now I know that there is soo much more, like the STARR Center. I really can’t believe that such an invaluable source of information is available to me. Its simply amazing! I just wonder who has the WU grade. O.O

Nov 26

Meet the author_ AnthonyM

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I believe in honesty, so I must admit that I (along with 90% of the 2012 freshman class) didn’t in-depth read the book assigned as summer reading: Brooklyn. I did, however, go to the meet the author session and I learned a lot of the backstory of the book. I was literally bored out of my mind, but I did pick up on some things that I liked which included the fact that the book was based on a true story. I loved the author’s accent as well, I just really wish I had such a sophisticated accent to my voice like his.


Nov 26

Meet the Author- Nicole Sandoval

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I think I am one of the only people that actually read the assigned novel. I did not think it was such a bad read, so I was excited to actually get to meet the author. It was interesting to learn that the house in the novel was an actual house. The novel did apply to us as incoming freshmen, because of all the hard work the main character puts in in order to succeed.

Nov 26


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Hello, Anthony is the name, and living a happy life is my game. Sure there are times when I feel I’m not getting anywhere, but hey, at the end of the day its all right because soon I know I’ll get it right. I live by a very simple motto: “I’m the exception to every rule ever made and I’ll kill to keep it that way.” Cocky? some people say so, but I’m not trying to be. I’m only trying my best to describe me. There are many things I want to say, how I feel, how I think about school, but my wrist is getting tired and my thoughts are fading away, so my dear reader, I now say to you: Good day.

Nov 26

Career- Nicole

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Baruch offers various opportunities that can often be overlooked. This powerpoint was very helpful to me as a freshmen. STARR search is something I look forward to using in the near future. Although I am not certain of my major, Baruch offers me many chances to pursue my dreams.

Nov 26

Rubin Museum

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Ok, I am not a “museum person” in the least. I don’t find great pleasure in seeing artifacts from history and make a big hooplah over things of that nature…it just isn’t me. However, this time I actually didn’t feel the grating annoyance I usually feel in a museum. I especially appreciated the shrine in the Rubin Museum. I really don’t understand why, but I found the fact that they kept rice in a shrine so intriguing. I highly doubt I would go there again, but I am pretty satisfied with having gone there.

Nov 25


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After looking at all the information given to us I think that I need to take a visit to STARR. I made an account and started looking for internships. This website is really helpful, I had no idea that Baruch provided these resources. I think as a freshmen we should follow the advice this powerpoint gave us and focus on our grades and improving our resumes.

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