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Sep 18

I forgot to do this but here it is now (Santiago Vinasco)

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“A Day in the Life” by The Beatles

It’s impossible to pick a favorite Beatles song but this is one that puts me almost in a state of hypnotization. The crescendo technique by the 41 piece orchestration between the verses is masterful. John and Paul’s voices are as trippy as their lyrics. “I’d love to turn you on”, the line at the end of one of the stanzas might be referring to drugs-which was controversial, but, a lot of great songs are. The best part of the song though, is when George Martin bangs on three pianos simultaneously and the engineers turn the faders on so the notes go on for a reaalllyy long time (a trick that was very clever and original).


Since I’ve Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin

It’s also impossible to choose a favorite Zeppelin song. This is not your typical Zeppelin song but it is definitely a masterpiece of music. The passion! You can feel it burning in the musicians’ hearts. So powerful, so brilliantly produced. Jimmy Paige is a God of guitar. I love Zeppelin’s bluesiness. This is real music people.


Ready to Die by Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie R.I.P. This song, on his  debut album Ready to Die, is so hardcore. THIS IS REAL HIP-HOP. It’s raw, lyrically genius (in terms of clever lines and straight up good rapping), and gives us a real picture of how it’s like to live in a lower class neighborhood full of drugs and guns.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

     Anyone who doesn’t know this song deserves to die. Although the lyrics don’t mean anything according to Freddie Mercury, that’s where part of the beauty of the song lies. This is one of the greatest songs of all time because of it’s innovation; you got over a hundred vocal tracks, the orchestration is perfect, there are many transitions, the video for the song is quite possibly the first music video ever made (others were produced on film), and it is undoubtedly an incredible rock and roll song. R.I.P. Freddie Mercury

Pigs (Three Different Ones) by Pink Floyd

It’s also impossible to choose a favorite Pink Floyd song though this may be mine. I like it because the lyrics talk about political injustices. It’s about  a British lady named Mary Whitehouse who lead a movement to ban sex from TV. Pink Floyd and I agree that people should be able to choose what they want to watch. The song also personifies pigs as being the people on top who think they know what’s best for everybody like, the government, police, and CEOs. The song is also another trippy one. The cowbell sounds great and the simple but awesome guitar solo completes the song.


Where I’m From by Jay-Z

Let’s be honest…Jay-Z fell off after The Black Album. Although he still remains one of my favorite rappers, his new shit is not nearly as good as his original stuff. He used to want it badly. Now that he’s got everything, it’s like he’s not even trying. Reasonable Doubt, the album from which this song hails, is his buried treasure. It’s his masterpiece. I believe in order to be a true hip-hop fan, one must realize that. The song describes his troubles and “hard knock life” living in Marcy projects, Brooklyn. You can feel the angst in his voice. All the cocaine and gun shootings, he lived through it. The instrumentals is the epitome of rap music. It almost makes Jay-Z’s childhood environment come to life in your imagination.


Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

     Everyone has a favorite MJ song. This may be mine. Not only for the brilliant trumpet and viola playing, or the incredible drum lines but because of the simplicity but power of the chorus: “Keep up with the force, don’t stop. Don’t stop ’til you get enough” It teaches us to keep loving and stay passionate in order to achieve your goals in life.


Voodoo Child (Slight Return) by Jimi Hendrix

      Simple explanation: Best. Guitar. Riff. Ever. If you want to hear some of the best electric guitar playing, look no further. Oh and the lyrics make you feel great. “Well I was standing next to a mountain, I chop it down with the edge of my hand” . Fucking Epic.


The Scientist by Coldplay

Coldplay is arguably the best alternative band of our generation. I think everyone knows that. This song remains one of my top 3 Coldplay songs because it’s lyrics remind me of how idiotic I was to neglect a previous lover because I was too busy worrying about my problems. My selfishness led to the inevitable demise of our relationship (which I completely regret. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to “go back to the start” lol. Moving song. I hope more people learn the same lesson.


Ms. Jackson by OutKast

     This song deserved it’s Grammy. Although I’ve never had to apologize to a mother about being a bad father to her granddaughter, a similar scenario is drafted in my head: apologizing to the aforementioned girl’s mom for dealing with the broken heart of her daughter. The beauty of music is that you can say anything you want. You don’t have to tell someone how you feel through your words but rather the music you create. This is a really catchy song with awesome modern electronic effects and good piano.






Sep 17

hello my beautiful class :]

i LOVED your blogs. i officially have read them all, commented on some, and think you are all so interesting. you really inspired me to use both pictures and songs in mine. here it is!


Daughters- John Mayer

this song relates to me in a different way than i have read in our classes blog. my father and i do not have a good relationship and we never have. my parents had a crazy abusive relationship and my dad was taken out of my house when i was 13, spent some time in prison and lived with my grandparents for months while going to therapy. i will never let my husband treat my children the way that my father treated me and my family. i will always and forever look forward to my amazing boyfriend being the father of my children to love them and play with them and care for them under every and all circumstances. i have a little hole in my heart for a father and i wish to never do that to my daughter.


Dangerously In Love- Beyonce

MY BOYFRIEND <3 i know i talk about him 24-7. this completely describes my relationship to him. i am so dangerously in love with him, i cannot go a day without him by my side. waking up next to him everyday is the greatest gift i could have ever have.


Crazy Beautiful Life- Ke$ha

this song describes my friends and I so well. we are all from long island and LOVE going out in the city. we had the craziest time when we all lived here but unfortunately im the only one left now! :[   …still everytime i hear this i cant help but think about them.

Some Nights – Fun

this song really only means a lot to me because i used to belt it out with my boyfriend in the car this summer EVERYDAY. it reminds me of the great time we got to spend living together and having a lazy summer!

Boom Boom Shake- Flo Rida

okay so this one is not my typical song of choice haha but it brings back AMAZING memories of varsity cheerleading in high school because this song was incorporated into our senior year routine which took us to Nationals in Disney

so here is my boyfriend and our doggy!!! I was on skype with them while i was in spain this summer studying abroad. i think that this picture shows that we can be worlds apart and will still always come home to one another

my sisters <3333 they are the world to me. if i didnt have them my life would legit be in the gutter. they are such an amazing influence and are my best friends. they can take me from my lowest low to brand new heights. I LOVE YOU CATHERINE AND GRACE

this is my old team, MACARTHUR GENERALS, throwing up a quick stunt at nationals <3 i miss cheerleading so much it was such a HUGE part of my life that to give it up in college was a major decision for me. see if you can find me!





Sep 13

Chenasia Campbell-Describe Yourself

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1.H.Y.F.R-Drake Ft. Lil’ Wayne
2.Love All Over Me-Monica
3.Can’t Do This-K. Michelle
4.Gyal A Bubble-Konshenz
5.N****s In Paris-Jay Z & Kanye West
6.I Know I Can-Nas
7.Empire State of Mind-Jay Z Ft. Alicia Keys
8. Aston Martin Music-Rick Ross Ft. Drake,Chrisette Michele
9.Don’t Judge Me-Chris Brown
10.Who Run The World-Beyonce

I chose these ten songs because when I asked myself what songs describe me, these were my first opinions. Each song display a different emotion or trait of myself. H.Y.F.R is the first song I chose and it stands for Hell Yeah F*****g Right. It’s about living your life careless of other people and their opinions.As long as I am living the right way by my standards, I will have a fun, exciting, youthful life. Love All Over Me is self explanatory. I feel like I have more than enough people supporting me and caring for me. With my team(family/loved ones) around, I always literally feel love all over me. Can’t Do This explains how a young woman went through emotional,verbal, and physical abuse and won’t be broken. She was fed up and she could not continue to lead the life she was living. She couldn’t, she wouldn’t. I can relate to this song because I know what it’s like to start over. You have to be strong and know that better is out there.Gyal A Bubble is a party/dance song. I love reggae music and I decided I would put my favorite song on my playlist. N****a In Paris is one of my favorite songs ever. Jay Z and Kanye West talk about getting wasted and partying in Paris. The message that relates to me is they made it and they came from some of the worst situations and/or places. I feel in my life I have greatly overcome alot of negative things. I Know I Can is a very positive song for all children. The lyrics to the chorus are “I know I can (I know I can) be what I wanna be (be what I wanna be) if I work hard at it (if I work hard at it) I’ll be where I wanna be (I’ll be where I wanna be). I believe this songs describes me because, mother as a I would relay that message any and everywhere, to all children. I believe strongly in the message Nas made and I definitely advocate it. Empire State of Mind is like the New York anthem for me. It fills me with such pride to sing this song. I am a proud New Yorker and I believe, like the song states, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Aston Martin Music expresses my romantic side. Sometimes, you just want to get away with your significant other. Despite where you go or what you do, it doesn’t matter as long as you are with that person. I feel like sometimes I want to escape to a place where it’s just me and my boyfriend, no worries at all. The next song, I feel was especially written for me. Not only can the lyrics apply for your partner or family members, but the world in general. “Please don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you, ’cause it can get ugly, before it gets beautiful, So please don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you, and if you love me, then let it be beautiful”. I feel alot of economic and social problems could be solved with this phrase. Also, I would not anyone judging me or vice versa that way the chance of a relationship wouldn’t be damaged from the beginning. Beyonce’s Who Run The World let’s me feel powerful. Yes, I believe all girls rule the world. I have a strong sense of womanhood and you can tell from my attitude.


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Sep 11

Phoenix – Lisztomania

This song sparked the interest into much of the music I listen to today. I heard it on the radio, made a station on pandora and quickly found out a ton of other bands that I love. Lisztomania will always hold a special place in my heart.

The Strokes – Someday

The Strokes are my favorite band and Someday is one of my favorite songs of theirs. It makes me feel nostalgic about life and really want to enjoy the time I spend with my friends.

Frank Sinatra – New York, New York

This song is by one of the best performers in my mind, Frank Sinatra. Not only did he have a great music career, but he was also rumored to be in the mafia. This song speaks to me because it’s how I feel about being in the city.

Bryan Ferry – The ‘In’ Crowd

This song is a fairly new discover. I heard it on the DSW commercials, but it describes me so well, because I love shoes and I’m “in” with the “in” crowd. LOL. That lol is there because, that, is a joke.

Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

This song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. It brings hope to any situation that may be without any. Sam Cooke’s voice is so powerful, as are the lyrics.

Marvin Gaye – Mercy, Mercy Me

This song also speaks to me because it brings to light the ecological issues that are present today. I believe in taking care of our planet to better our lives and the future.

The Beatles – Revolution

I grew up on The Beatles, so I love anything they do. This song speaks to me because everyone is always complaining about the way things are today, including me. They want to start a revolution but it has to be done a certain way for things to actually change.

John Mayer – Daughters

This song speaks to me because it places an importance on the relationship between fathers and daughters. I love my dad so much and don’t know what I would do without him.

Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension

This song is the single from Julian Casablancas’ solo album. The whole album is immensly inspirational to me, but this song stands out to me because it has such a good message, “forgive them even if they are not sorry”.

Albert Hammond Jr. – Cartoon Music For Superheroes

This song helps me fall asleep. Albert Hammond Jr. says he wrote this lullaby as the first song for his album. I also love this entire album as well.

Sep 11

Sheraz Farooqi- Describe Yourself

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Already Home-Jay Z

My favorite song. Its about people wanting you to fail but you are so confident in yourself that you already think you won. I go into any situation with this in mind. It helps me concentrate and by already knowing you won, it makes life easier.

The Crown-Danger Flow

When the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals. This is the song that came with the celebration. It embodies everything that the favorite team had to go through. It talks about failing at first but then rising up and destroying the competition the next time around. Which is exactly what the Heat had to go through. Being a die hard fan I could not let this song go.

Beach Chair-Jay Z

This is another song by Jay Z that I feel like is very inspirational and it affects me in many ways. This can also describe the more serious side of me.

Kings-Ryan Lewis/Macklemore

This is a great song that I always listen to before a game of basketball. Before every game of my senior year. This song was on my playlist because it pumped me up and made me just go out and play hard.

Kingdom Come-Jay Z

Kingdom Come in a way is the song of my last few years of my life. There are many references to superheroes like Superman and Batman. At my school, my friends nicknamed me Superman because of my willingness to help people. Its another song I listen to to pump me up and on my way to school everyday this is on at least once.

No Church in the Wild-Jay Z/ Kanye

No Church in the Wild is another song that I listen to in the morning. It wakes me up and gives me the feeling that I have to be independent and take care of myself at all times. Its also my alarm to wake up in the morning.

Put On-Young Jeezy

Put on used to be my pre game song for my entire junior high and high school years of basketball. Its about putting the city on your back and gives you the feeling of leadership which I need every time I walk on the court.


This was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid but I never understood it, it just sounded good. It wasn’t till I got older when I realized that I can relate to this song. When I was learning how to drive I used to blast this song once in a while and now every time I take the car out. This song is on at some point.


This is my prom song. This was the song that everyone got up for. All 15 of us haha. So it means a lot and it always reminds me of the great night we had.

Good Riddance- Green Day

I will actually never listen to this song again because it will always bring back to many memories. Going to one school for almost all my life. Knowing the same 15 kids really affected me and at the end of senior year during our Yearbook Dance. We all (as corny as it sounds) sat is a circle and cried while this song played in the back. I was in tears too so this song kind of symbolized my school years.


Sep 11

10 songs that describe me, who I am, and what I can relate to…

Future – Tony Montana (Feat. Drake) |

Future is not only one of my favorite artists due to his beat selection, voice, flow, and character… But this song just makes me feel like me, I wake up to this song. It helps me recognize the success and power one could have, but at the same time it makes you realize how easily it can be lost (due to the Scarface reference).


Tory Lanez – Shot 4 Later |

This is the ultimate baby-making song, need I say more? Every word is on point. I recommend this playing in the background when you’re with your significant other and see the effect it has.


Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Feat. Kimbra) |

I’m sure almost anyone who was ever in love could relate to this song. Even though it is an ambient piece, it is melodic as well. This song reminds me of my club hopping city-nights because every club would play a remix of this song but when we got to the car we blasted the original and there is nothing better than the original.


Kanye West – Drunk & Hot Girls (Feat. Mos Def) |

Every single word relates to my experience with ‘Drunk & Hot Girls’ .. First of all Kanye is a musical genius and I feel like he wrote this song just for me, definitely shows a perspective of drunk girls looking to be more than what they are in the city.


The Weeknd – The Zone (Feat. Drake) |

A very melancholic yet seductive song that I often listened to walking home after meeting a new girl and/or after my break-up with my ex. The song is very slow yet keeps you moving and Drake kills the end with the truth.


Pryda – You (Original Mix) |

Although I downloaded this song not even a week ago I am in love. I’m also a very big fan of house music and road-trips, mix these two and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Just imagine you and your friends cruising down the highway at night with this playing.


Ilario Alicante – Vacaciones En Chile |

A minimal selection, although I’ve never been to Chile this song just puts me in that South American vibe. I traveled a lot while listening to this song as well so I get a rush to travel when I listen to this. This song is very enchanting.


Ace Hood – Hustle Hard |

A gritty track that reminds me what life is about, this song keeps me on the right path. Perfect song for the gym or on the way to school to get you hype.


Kanye West – Say You Will |

One of the most depressing songs I’ve ever heard, once again Kanye kills it. A song about broken promises that I can relate to, I feel like this song really reaches out to my soul.


Kastle – Stay Forever |

A weird and trippy song that makes you feel like you’re melting, love listening to this in the car on the way from the city, also makes you think deeply about life.



Sep 10

Samuel Rico

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“Illegal” –

Cultura Profetica is an incredibly talented sensous reggae band. My favorite reggae band in the whole world. The lyrics, the rhythm, the voice, the sounds are all  mesmerizing and hypnotic. This band has produced music that I can call aphrodisiacs for myself.  This song isn’t my favorite by them but I’ve had it on my mind all day long.

“The Girl From Ipanema” –

Antonio Carlos Jobim is my favorite brazilian composer. This song is extremely famous. Originally it is called Garota De Ipanema which is just it’s translation in portuguese. This version includes one of my inspirations. One of the greatest voices to ever come along. Frank Sinatra. The MASTER of swing. His voice goes absolutely great with this song.

“Outro” –

M83 is a fantastic french band. Their music is very inspirational. It just sounds so Grand, So GLORIOUS. I LOVE IT. This isn’t the exact version but it’s still awesome.

“Latinoamerica” –

Calle 13 s a Puerto Rican reggaeton group. Their fame is worldwide. They started out with just clever funny rhymes and a hard beat.  But just as bands are supposed to do, they grew. Their music became stories and even smarter lyrics. They grew SO MUCH that their last 2 albums won at the Latin Grammys “ALBUM OF THE YEAR”. This song is now an anthem to all of Latin America. It is beautiful.

“Umbilical Moonrise” –

Lotus is a jam band. And a damn good one. Their concerts are always sold out because they are brilliant at what they do. The sounds are out of this world. They put me in a trance. This is the only 14:17 song that i can listen to without skipping and stopping it.

“Magalehna” –

Sergio Mendes. is the face of Samba. his most famous song is “Mais que nada” and its known worldwide. He is know worldwide. He makes me move. I don’t know why but his music makes me get up and play soccer. It just makes me want to dance.

“Brujeria” –

El Gran Combo is one of the most famous Salsa Groups ever. They are Legendary. This songs is spicy and even though it’s not my favorite by them it still makes me move. I love dancing salsa and this is perfect for it.

“Kings & Queens” –

30 Seconds to Mars used to be a punk rock band and I didn’t really like that so I had never heard of them. Then they came out with the “THIS IS WAR” album and its absolutely brilliant. all of the songs are great. This is my favorite one though. The music video is incredible. It’s so cool. The band features one of my favorite actors/ idols, Jared Leto. That is just an extra reason for me to like them. But the song is awesome.

“Clair De Lune” –

Debussy has always been my favorite composer. The song Claire De Lune is indescribably beautiful.  I’ve been hearing it ever since I was a baby. Grew up with it. It’s so soothing. It’s the only song i can study to and still fully concentrate.

“Big Bird In A Small Cage” –

The Amazing Patrick Watson. this has been on playback ever since I first heard it a bout a year ago watching a random skateboarding video I found on youtube. EVERY song he has made its an absolute gem. they put me to sleep instantly. Hes the best.




Sep 10

Describe Yourself – Kevin Ortiz

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Blog Type: Playlist
Format: Artist – Song – Link – Description

1: Watsky – A New Kind of Sexy –

This song is all about being sexy, but not in the sense of the muscular, gorgeous athlete. This sexy comes from security. From knowing that you are beautiful simply in your existence. In that sense, I am a lot more confident in just being me, rather than working too hard to achieve ideal “beauty.”

2: Saigon – If (My Mommy) –

I’m a gigantic “momma’s boy”. I love my mother more than any woman in the world, and if I could, I’d do everything to make her proud, and give her the world for trying to give me the world.

3: Common – I Used To Love H.E.R. –

Music was and is my life. I almost need it to keep me sane, and that isn’t exaggeration. There is so much that I can draw from it, and I simply love listening to the words. Music takes me on a roller coaster as well, through many phases and gimmicks, so I can relate there.

4: John Mayer- Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967 –

This is a song about saying “YES,” when everyone says “no.” Walt Grace’s homemade, fan-blade, one-man, submarine ride and is a parallel to so many of my conquests, and regardless of failure, I have succeeded in my mind. However, more often than not, I am like the titular character and do succeed.

5: Joe Budden – Good Enough –

I want to live up to the expectations put in front of me, but often I feel like I can never truly satisfy everyone. It’s impossible, but I try. The line “make me uncomfortable and you’re gonna put me in a comfort zone,” is exactly how I feel working under pressure how the pressure gets to me.

6: Eyedea – Smile –

So many quotes. Anyway, “time taught me how to see every second as heaven even though they’re perfectly disguised as hell.” This song describes my ability to simply take the world on and never stop smiling and just, enjoying life and its beauty.

7: Atmosphere – Sunshine –

Sometimes life sucks. I am aware, but at times, I just need a reset, and just look outside and appreciate the beauty in life. This is important to me. This song describes my optimism in that respect.

8: Pink Floyd- Fearless –

I just take action without over-thinking. I encourage others to do the same, as no hill is too steep to climb. I am the “idiot,” who faces the crowd, smiling.

9: Carlos Santana – Maria, Maria -

I am the typical “Latin Lover.” Passionate as these guitar licks, soft as the voice of Santana. This is who I am as a romantic.

10: Eyedea – On This I Stand –

This song marks my contemplative nature and how I think. I am so in tune with myself at times, but others I just rattle off thoughts that lead to clarity. This is my relation to this song.


Sep 10

Superhuman-Chris Brown

I initially started listening to Chris Brown probably before I ever listened to any other R&B / Pop artist’s music and he instantly became my favorite artist not only because of his immaculate singing ability and dancing skills, but also because of his awesome and fun personality. This song portrays a feeling that I can relate to because I know what its like to feel on top of the world because the “special someone” that is your world is always by your side and loves you unconditionally.

Big Sean- My Last ft. Chris Brown

This song has a lot of sentimental meaning to me because of this past summer and last year that I spent with my girlfriend and all the memorable CRAZY things we did together. It also served as an encouragement to me that no matter how I felt at times that I couldn’t just succumb to laziness or things of that nature because it just might be ‘My Last.”

We are the World 25 (for Haiti)- various artists

This song is pretty recent and for those that can remember the tragedy that occured in Haiti about 4 years ago, it was a song that a huge collaboration of artists came together and performed in an effort to raise money for Haiti after the earthquake. At first i took the news lightly, but someone very close to me is Haitian and she almost had a heart attack hearing the news and it caused to see the severity of the situation and when I listened to this song it made me aware that its not all about me and my life but sometimes other people less fortunate than me could use my help and things that I don’t need and take for granted.

I Don’t Really Care- Waka Flocka Flame

Now, I can be taking this song a little bit out of context but it speaks to me in a rather dramatic way because I think that I care a little bit too much about people, how they feel , and what they think about me. Every time I listen to this song it gives me a confidence booster especially because of the dramatic booming lows and cacophony of the music.

Nobody’s Perfect- Hannah Montana

This song is actually an extremely recent favorite of mine because I have the tendency to want to be perfect. I always hear from people that I am judgemental and and look down on them, and I guess it stems from the fact that I am ridiculously hard on myself and I expect people to be the same way to themselves, but I’m learning that that isn’t the case. I need to realize that no one can be completely perfect, and just accept them regardless of their imperfections.

I’ll be good to you- Boney James

There really is no way to explain this. If you have any miniscule ounce of creativity and artistry in your body, this song will just speak to you. Its just sooooooo silky smooth.

I’m a boss- Meek Millz

What can I say? I’m a Boss.

He’s A Pirate-Jarrod Radnich

This song is actually taken from the movie “Pirates of the Carribbean” and its a unique arrangement by Jarrod Radnich. I actually personally know Jarrod Radnich and being a musician myself, he is such an inspiration and his playing is just marvelous.

With You- Chris Brown

This is now my favorite song, since last Friday. I broke up with my girlfriend on Friday and this is pretty much the song that I listen to just soothe my pain and help me sleep at night.

Danza Kudoro- Don Omar

I haven’t the slightest clue of what this song means, but its a song that has an awesome beat and is different than the mainstream perty and club songs that you always hear. That’s why I like it.

Sep 10

My family is the probably the most important thing in my life. My older brother and sister both serve as amazing role models and awesome best friends. They push me to strive for the impossible, and guide me on my path to becoming an adult. My parents are my everything. No words would be able to describe how much they mean to me, and my love towards them. The passion, support, and love I get from my parents are endless. I would be no where if I didn’t have this wonderful family.

Nail art is one of my hobbies. It all started during the summer of 2011, I practiced and practiced until I was able to do many different designs such as cartoon characters, animal print, and abstract nails. From July of 2011 to now, I do nails to raise funds for a cancer organization called National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS). I was able to donate $500.00 and I’m currently still raising money. Nail art is a form of expression for me. The design I do is based on my mood, or sometimes I do designs according to upcoming events, or holidays. It has been a part of my life and I’ll continue to practice nail art.

Bollywood movies are my absolute favorite. Although most people tend to find them to be long and tedious, I could sit there for hours watching back to back Indian movies. I find the songs to be so entertaining and full of life. Ever since I could remember my parents would make my siblings and I watch Bollywood movies with them. Since I’ve been watching Indian movies all my life, I’ve basically learned to speak and understand the language they use in the movies, Hindi. I find that watching these movies put me in a fantasy world, it helps me escape from the stress of school. Attached is a YouTube link to one of my favorite songs. This is a picture of my favorite actress, Aishwarya Rai.

One of my strange obsessions are baby monkeys. I find them to be incredibly adorable along with fluffy and soft. Hopefully one day when I move to another country I can adopt one! This is one of my favorite pictures!

Aside from doing nail art, one of my other hobbies is dancing. I usually do modern dancing, ballet, and Indian dancing. Dancing is just something I do for fun. I’ve preformed in 4 talent shows, weddings, and my best friend’s 18th party. Every time I preform my confidence increases and I become a little better than before. This is a recent picture of my performance at my cousin’s wedding.

One of the best family vacations I’ve had, was a cruise to the Bahamas. My time there was spent well. It was the type of vacation that gave me a chance to appreciate the small things in life and lay around with out a care in the world. If I had to choose to go on another vacation, it would definitely be a cruise.

This is a picture of my two best friends and I during Halloween.  I’ve know one for almost 11 years now and the other for a short time but they mean much more than just friends, they are more like sisters. We fight and argue but in the end we’ll always be the three musketeers.

Last but not least, the dearest thing to my heart is God. Although I may not be a strict Christian, I do believe in faith and the bible. God has given me more than I could ever ask for. I will continue to praise him, because I know God is great and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.







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