Sep 10

My friends are some of the most important people in my life especially my best friend. This picture was taken at Electric Zoo this summer, we love to go to concerts and bars and clubs together just to dance and have a good time. Lots of my friends are older than me and some of them are the same age as me but I don’t ever really notice the age difference.

I love to bake, it is one of the things that I do that I am really good at. Baking cupcakes is probably my favourite thing to bake because I love frosting them. In the picture you can see that they are all frosted a little differently, I took a picture of my favourites, it helps me see that nothing can be perfect no matter how hard you try to make it perfect.


 I have been a swimmer since I was 2, competitively since I was 6 and I have never been afraid of the water or anything in it. I especially love the beach and swimming in the ocean. I saw a shark and some seals while at the beach in Cape Cod this summer which was pretty exciting so it was nice that they put up signs just so that people could be on the look out.

 I love running on the beach and this picture is of one of the beaches that my brother and I ran on a lot this summer. We would run to see the seals out on the sandbank and sit and watch them and then run back to bike home.

 This picture is of my brother and my family’s old pony Walter. My brother and I loved Walter we would spend hours together in the field by my family’s house in England where we spent our summers so we grew up as both city and country kids.

This picture is of my brother and I in front of a vineyard in Spain while staying with our Au Pair. I think we were picking blueberry actually. We have always been fairly close, there were a few years where we weren’t close at all because we didn’t spend much time together but now we are close again. Growing up we played together a lot and we looked alike and we still do. I don’t really remember this trip but this picture is one of my favourites.

This is a picture that I took while I was in Cape Cod this summer when I went whale watching. I love how free the whales were and I think it would be great to be them without any expectations to live up to or people to impress.

This picture is of the Manhattan bridge standing in DUMBO. I am a city kid and even though I travel a lot I always end up back in New York City. I love standing in DUMBO and looking at the bridge because it reminds me of how beautiful the city is and how much i take it for granted.






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  1. 1 iz113680
    11:50 am - 9-17-2012

    you have such an amazing life! so jealous of all your adventures