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I feel like this gif represents my first few months at Baruch because everything happened so fast, and things pile up, and tests get harder. So as time went on it felt like i needed to tell my professors to chill with the work load or difficulty if they weren’t teaching the material well. In the end i had a good time, but the stress of certain things just keep up with the work and need a break sometimes

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The first few months of college haven’t gone as smooth as I wanted them to go. This is the first year I have to get to school by myself and do everything for myself. Before I had my family and teachers to help me if I needed something but now I have to figure it out and  do it myself. It also gets really stressful because I put my work off until the last day when it’s too late to finish. It’s a habit I’ve had since high school when there wasn’t as much work. I thought I was ready and that college was going to be easy but it’s been a lot different than I thought I would be.

Blog Post #3

dog procrastinating


Throughout my first semester in Baruch, I have enjoyed most of my classes.  However, when it comes to completing assignments, I have continued my bad habit of procrastination.  I usually will either wait until the night before or even a few hours before my classes start to finalize my assignments.  Since mostly all of my work is done on my laptop now, it is very easy for me to become distracted by entertainment found on the internet, such as youtube.  I am slowly changing my habits though and am trying to not procrastinate as much.,d.cWc&psig=AFQjCNGlH-M-OhepXzNehXlvPArBf0pN6g&ust=1416957057090567

Blog Post #3

This meme best describes my first semester here at Baruch College.  Everyday I learn something new, or have more homework. Everyday I’m just waiting on the funny thing that is going  to happen in school or the funny moments I have with my basketball team.  But this also the face I make when someone tell me a lie or something they know they do not mean.  This kermit meme gives me a good laugh everyday. I believe this meme best personify my time at Baruch College so far.,d.cWc&psig=AFQjCNG7PyuyvElGaUb6fvnKDNGBPMauxg&ust=1416943003186802

College memes | Caitlin’s Blog – Liberty University – Resident Admissions

The past few months I have been asked the same questions over again: “How’s college?” “Eh. It’s good, different.” “How about the commute?” “The commute is the same, it’s only eight blocks from my high school.” College so far, I can honestly say, I have enjoyed it. New friends, schedule, workload, and experiences I will hold for the rest of my life.

If I have learned anything the past three months, it would definitely be to better manage my time. I have had a procrastination problem my whole life. I am always up late finishing assignments to the last possible second, missing deadlines, emailing professors, and somehow still making the grade. The work is not difficult. Lets look at the situation: “One hour until the assignment is due… that’s enough time to check Facebook.” Why do I put so much more stress on myself? My Mom says it “runs in the family.” Oh well. I’m sure almost every college student would agree, it’s not easy managing everything on your plate at the same time: work (Fridays and Saturdays), family responsibilities, personal responsibilities and hobbies, a girlfriend, school work (all do at the same time), and somewhat of a social life. I’m not one to say much, considering school is a priority to some extent. So I’ll do what I can. Yes, I know there are ways to better manage my time. I’ve tried them all, trust me. I’ll learn eventually. I guess that’s what college is for. I know what I want to do as a career. It’s time to wake-up, end the semester on a good note, enjoy the winter break, and start new.


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This meme accurately describes my first semester at Baruch. At the beginning of the semester, I was an overachiever. It was bad. I tried way too hard. I remember my teacher assigned the class a 10 question quiz that had to be done online. I read the whole chapter and took notes on it. However, I realized that I was bugging out for no reason as the quizzes proved to be easy. As the semester began to materialize, I realized that I didn’t need to put so much effort into every class as my grades have turned out to be pretty good for the most part. Now it seems that the semester has gotten really easy and I’m not really motivated to work harder, as I’m more then content with how I’ve done so far.

Blogpost #3

I don't need that shit.

This picture accurately sums up my entire life in school and I am beyond glad it’s the same case in college. I’ve always done good without studying and before coming to Baruch everyone kept rambling on about how college was going to be much more tough and how I’ll need to bury myself in a book all the time. Baruch hasn’t been as hard as I thought so far but I’m pretty sure that’ll change since the classes can only get tougher. The first few months have taught me a variety of things whether it be time management or the best halal cart in a 5 block radius. My only hope for my future at Baruch is that I get to keep my not studying and acing all tests ability because studying blows. I don’t need that shit.

BlogPost #3 Meme



My first three months at Baruch have been some memorable ones.  I’ve embarked on an insane journey that will lead me into a bright future.  I have made amazing friends; people that have helped me get through this semester, people that I enjoy hanging out with, and people that will always stay close to my heart.  However, my first three months at Baruch have been immensely stressful.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been a huge transition.  In the beginning, I eased into the college life, getting through homework and some quizzes.  Before my midterm exams, I had to gather all my prep materials.  My peers and I (like the polar bears)  got ready together, having study sessions and putting together outlines.  Then, as they came closer, it really began to hit me.  What felt like endless nights, constant studying, no social life, and A LOT of coffee.  I wasn’t sure if I could make it.  FInally, as soon as I finished my last midterm, I felt a huge burden be lifted from my soldiers.  I slept for an insane amount of hours!  However, now that I got through midterms, the polar bears in this meme have just reminded me that I need to relive this all over again for finals and through my next three years at Baruch! I can’t wait to see what the future holds and I’m so thankful for everything I’ve experienced and learned throughout these past three months!


First semester meme

This image sums up my entire thought process this semester. Due to all the work due at the same time, I have to manage and sort out what i do when. Words like sleep and free time are so rare now that it feels weird not doing something. At times i wonder what to do that isn’t educational. Other times i check over and over that i am not forgetting anything. Even if i have checked and confirmed and reconfirmed my confirmation, i still feel something is missing because i am not used to procrastinating anymore.

Most of the time.

Blog Post 3


The picture above was taken the night  before the first day of classes. I was hanging out with my best friend and she had the crazy idea of taking a picture with a snake some dude was carrying around. The only problem was that she was completely petrified once the moment came to take the picture. ( The snake was really big up close.) Nevertheless she still wanted to take the picture. So randomly I told her I’d help her, completely forgetting my fear of snakes, let alone one of this size.  After struggling a lot and the snake owner calling her chicken, we both held the snake together and got this really cool picture. The lesson I learned after this ordeal was to step out of my comfort zone and do things I  normally wouldn’t do. The promise I made to myself was to step out of my comfort zone in college. So far it doesn’t seem I’ve done so. Socially, college hasn’t really been up to par with what I imagined, even though I commute. However I’ve learned this is my fault mostly because of my quiet nature and staying to myself. Nevertheless I do intend on keeping my promise. Honestly that was the only thing I was worried about, as bad as that sounds. Academically I’ve always found my way around things and I’ve kept my grades up and learned some good study habits. Luckily I have plenty of time left in college and I plan on using it wisely.