Blog #3

On October 19th, I went to a Starr Career Development Center workshop with my friends. It was the Spotlight Series: Careers in Start-Ups. There were many freshmen that went to this workshop, which is good because we got to learn about this topic early. The instructors were twin brothers, which is a fun fact. They started by introducing themselves and sharing their experiences by telling us that they both started work at a finance company after they graduated and they both passed the CFA exam. They are the kind of people that I want to become because I want to be major in finance too. Yet they did not stay long at the company but chose to learn new skills and joined a start-up company, which led to the workshop. There are different stages of companies – the idea stage, validation stage, seed stage, and growth stage. For sure, the growth stage is the most stable, and the seed stage usually gives us more profit, but along with more risks. A start-up company only needs two kinds of people: the product side – people who can create products, and the business side – people who can find customers. Therefore, when you decide to join a company, know what you want first, and know where your skills can lead you to. In addition, they gave us some tips about networking, and suggested that we go to the career fair to build networks, no matter how it goes, just to let people remember you. Even though I am still a freshman, it will never be too early to build up my network and do research to prepare for my future.

Overall, I had learned a lot from the workshop because the instructors shared a lot of their own experiences, ideas, and techniques, which were very persuasive. This Careers workshop really helped me on forming a general idea and gave me directions for looking for jobs in the future.

Blog #2

I went to the T.E.A.M Baruch information session with my friends. We were interested in this program and would like to know more about it. The funny thing was that when we try to get there, we did not know where the room 1-107 was. Yet we finally got into the room with the help of a security guard, there were already many people sitting right there and waiting.

The instructor started to introduce T.E.A.M Baruch with a question, “What is “T.E.A.M” stand for?” I remembered one time that Jessica asked this question in the freshman seminar class, it stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More”. There was student raised his hand and he got a shirt for this answer. Then the instructor kept introducing more about the T.E.A.M Baruch program. I know that this is a student leadership program and it helps students at Baruch to develop leadership skills, and it provides students jobs as peer mentors to lead others. This makes me very interested in it because we can learn skills with pay and contribute what we learned to others. When I was in high school, I was the President of the Student Government and I love to help people. I needed help when I was new in this country, and there were a lot of people helped me get through the most difficult time. Therefore, I would like to help others with all my passions and help them as much as I can. I think T.E.A.M Baruch is the best platform for me to help more people. Then, four mentors went up the stage and shared their experiences with us, about how they feel about T.E.A.M Baruch and how to be outstanding during the interview.

Yet I did not stay for the last minute for this information session because I had a tutoring schedule, I did learn a lot of things about T.E.A.M Baruch and I will be very happy if I could join it.

Blog #1 – Student Life – Latinx Heritage Month Event

Last week I got an email from Baruch Student Life. The introduction of the Latinx Heritage Month event is very attractive and I am very interested in it. I always have a passion to explore new things, meet different people, and learn different cultures. Therefore, I thought this would be a great opportunity for me.

When I walked into the William and Anita Newman Vertical building, I could hear some pop music coming down from the second floor. I saw many Latin America countries’ flags hanging up there, people walked around, talked with friends, and took pictures. The second floor was bustling with excitement. I never had a chance to feel Latino cultures, but today, I can really feel it and enjoy the atmosphere that they brought to me. Also, they provided free food and gave out more information to me and my friends. We had “fried banana” which they provided for us, its taste was good. I wanted to get that ice-lolly but they gave them all out already.

I took some pictures with my friends together and we continued to walk around. More and more people came over. They hosted and played a game called “The Musical Chair”. It was so fun while they were playing because they didn’t play that with chairs but asked people to find a partner while the music stops. The winner can get a prize if he or she wins the game. It was interesting.

I heard so many familiar pop music while I was there. But I do not know what those songs are because I do not know Spanish. The only song I know is that Vivir Mi Vida. “I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna dance.” These words really described my experience at the event. I look forward to attending more events like this. It is so fun!