Blog #3

On October 19th, I went to a Starr Career Development Center workshop with my friends. It was the Spotlight Series: Careers in Start-Ups. There were many freshmen that went to this workshop, which is good because we got to learn about this topic early. The instructors were twin brothers, which is a fun fact. They started by introducing themselves and sharing their experiences by telling us that they both started work at a finance company after they graduated and they both passed the CFA exam. They are the kind of people that I want to become because I want to be major in finance too. Yet they did not stay long at the company but chose to learn new skills and joined a start-up company, which led to the workshop. There are different stages of companies – the idea stage, validation stage, seed stage, and growth stage. For sure, the growth stage is the most stable, and the seed stage usually gives us more profit, but along with more risks. A start-up company only needs two kinds of people: the product side – people who can create products, and the business side – people who can find customers. Therefore, when you decide to join a company, know what you want first, and know where your skills can lead you to. In addition, they gave us some tips about networking, and suggested that we go to the career fair to build networks, no matter how it goes, just to let people remember you. Even though I am still a freshman, it will never be too early to build up my network and do research to prepare for my future.

Overall, I had learned a lot from the workshop because the instructors shared a lot of their own experiences, ideas, and techniques, which were very persuasive. This Careers workshop really helped me on forming a general idea and gave me directions for looking for jobs in the future.

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