Internship Seminar

Today I went to Career Center Workshop in room 2-190 NVC. The workshop that I attended was Internship Seminar and I learned a lot about Internships of how to apply to them and its benefits. The instructor taught us about different internships such as a paid internship, unpaid internship, credit internship etc. I learned that currently New York City’s minimum wage is $11 per hour and after December 31, it will be $13 dollars which are very exciting. Also, if any internship provides less than minimum wage then it’s not considered paid internship and one can reach to Department of Labor for that. On the other hand, for unpaid internships, senior status students can receive college credit guide. It is also very important to update “my account” on star careers at least once per semester. In Baruch College students can go to OCR internship which is very competitive because the students have to look at a tutorial and take the quiz, once the student passes the quiz they can apply for it, however, there are many requirements for it such as high grades etc. The instructor also opened the star career site and showed us the process of applying for the internship through OCR. OCR is for an interview on campus rather than to their site. Most important things for applying for an internship is resume and cover letter and to polish it SCDC can help to review it. Some outside opportunities are,,, linkup, and creative For most employers cover letters are highly recommended. Some tips for resume was to put any experience on the resume even if its connected to the job because employers want to see those. Also, font size shouldn’t be less than 10. Few tip he told us for the interview was to ask questions, don’t say too little or too much” and research the company before going for the interview. The instructor also told us that we should keep in touch with the employer after the internship because for later jobs and internships they can write recommendation letters for us.

Networking 101 Workshop

On November 29, I went to Starr networking workshop. I signed up for it a week or so in advance on the Starr Career Development Center website. There are very strict rule when attending their workshop. You have to show up on time. If you’re 15 minutes late, you’re not into the room. You have to sign in using your EMPLID. You are not allowed to take pictures nor record any presentation. This made me take a lots of note, jotting down important details I would want to remember. When I went there, I had to stand outside the door for a while. The door didn’t open until 12:40. There was a total of 14 students that attended. It was a very small and quiet group. Some were there because of freshman seminar while others wanted to get something useful out of this workshop. We talked about what networking is and how can we use it in the most effective ways. First we identified the content, and how it relates to job search. “A network is an inter connected group of supporters who serve as resources for your job search and ultimately for your career.” We also learned how to make good impression and do informational interviews. Informational interviewing is when you find out more about career information and advice from other people that are professional and knowledgeable in the specific field. Before doing the interview, make sure to prepare and research beforehand. Ask smart questions. Last but not least, we touched upon networking etiquettes, such as dress for success, follow-up protocol with a Thank you email, maintain contact & nurture network. Overall, I’m glad I attended this workshop. It was very interesting and extremely helpful. There were a lot of things I didn’t know when it comes to networking. I hope to attend future Starr workshops.

Final post

There was a Major and Minors fair on Thursday 11/9. I was waiting for it for months. Although I’m not a person who interests in joining a club or a workshop, I really want to know what the majors are by being introduced in-person. I saw a million people there once I got there, it was much more crowded than I thought. Maybe it’s because people have the same idea with me. Then I decided to go to writing center to try my luck looking for an immediate help on my essay. Easily I found that I was not a lucky person. But after I went back to the Major and Minors fair, the place was not that crowded than before. Since I knew that Baruch mainly focuses on business, I thought that all other majors here in Baruch are not good. But after a look, I found that I was wrong. Those majors looked nice which surprised me. By the way I hoped that I could get into Zicklin for my expected major, but I had not decided my minor yet. I didn’t think I need to decide my minor too early. The people who were sitting behind the tables were extremely nice and willing to explain every details about the majors for me. Some of the majors for me are hard to differentiate before I went there, such as biology and biochemistry. Now I got most of their information. For my minor, marketing looked good, while I also wanted to consider about finance. It’s kind of hard for me to make choice on whatever field. I did not decide what my minor will be but I decided that if there is another Major and Minors fair being held, I will definitely go again.

Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society

So I went to this place called Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society in Room- 3-215 in which they gave tips on how to do well on interviews and we also did mock interviews. They also gave us an explanation about things that should be included in an interview and also a resume. They told us that in a resume it needs to sell out our best points that could interest the interviewer and make it short and not over exaggerated. Also, they told us about what you should do in an interview when you first begin and that is to shake hands and greet them in a polite way. We have to “act” professionally so the interview doesn’t have a bad first impression of you.

This helped me out a lot because even if I knew all of these I couldn’t really practice it because it was kind of awkward to do it with my family or high school friends. So it was a great opportunity to go to this workshop and participate in the mock interviews and get some experience.

Career Post


The Undergraduate Job & Internship Fair is one of the events of Baruch Starr Career Center. The Undergraduate Job & Internship Fair is designed to provide candidates from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to meet with employers and organizations interested in recruiting new talent for internships, scholarships/fellowships and entry-level positions. Over 900 students are expected to attend this event.

For my future career, I planned to go to Baruch Starr Career Center this week which provides many workshop to help students entry career life successfully. Today’s event teaches students what is marketing and how to create a professional resume. Starr Career expresses the basic facts to be a marketing specialist, including the education background, major, salary expectation.

The following information are most of American company selection criteria:

American Company are searching for high-potential, goal-oriented college students. In selecting our Fellow class, we will consider the following:

Applicants must have a strong academic record, reflecting a commitment to hard work and excellence. We require Fellows to maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout their time in the program. The average GPA of the 2015 Fellows Class across all sites was 3.4.

Applicants must demonstrate leadership and a commitment to communities in need through work experience, campus organizations, athletics or other extracurricular activities.

Applicants must possess a passion for reaching their potential, and must have a vision for how the Fellows Program can help them achieve their professional goals. The Fellows Program is open to students from all disciplines and interests.

After I attend to this Undergraduate Job & Internship Fair, I began to make a plan about my future job. Moreover, I encourage myself to work hard to catch up the American selection criteria.


Starr Career Development

On November 22nd, I went to STARR’s workshop titled “Let’s Get Started: Building Blocks for First and Second Year Students.” There were several workshops listed in the email, but I felt like this workshop would provide great school resources and opportunities for me in Baruch. Once I went in, the instructor immediately handed out worksheets and pamphlets. I was not expecting any physical papers, but I’m really glad the instructor gave it out so I can look back to it if I forget anything she said. There was a powerpoint that went along with the worksheets and we did an activity with the person next to us from greeting to each other to sharing our major/minor we are pursuing. In the worksheet, we had to fill out what are the steps we need to take in order for us to pursue our career. The person next to me said she wanted to go into psychology and I suggested in volunteering at a hospital or talk to one of our psychology professors. I have volunteered in a hospital and worked there before and it really exposed me to their environment and surroundings.  We spent a lot of time going over the details about creating a LinkedIn profile. There I learned how to professionally create one and to incorporate all the right information that employers might want and need that a resume does not have. There’s also a worksheet that explained in full step by step on how to create one which is extremely helpful! One memorable thing she said was that it’s ok to have a social media page but to keep your posts or pictures private because it shows to the employers that you are a “look-able” person. She mentioned that many companies would search you up on social media websites like Facebook to see who you are as a person. Without a social media account, to them, you are just a resume paper. I thought that was an interesting point which made me totally revamp my whole Facebook page.

Tech Fair

On November 16th, there was a tech fair that hosted by Hillel. I was looking for an event that can help me finish the 3rd Baruch blog. Therefore, I decided to attend it. It was a great event.The founders of the new startup technology company spoke about their path to building up a company and explained how they have developed so far. I think this is very inspired because their talks not only extend the view of the world but also provided a helpful solution for the future encounter. Moreover, this event also offered students an uncommon opportunity to chat with these founders. This opportunity is so rare. It taught me a lot of things that I cannot learn from school and these things could be extremely useful after graduated from school, entering a company.  For example, one of the founders told me that corporation with your colleagues can help you solve many problems, your colleagues could be your new teacher at the company.  To sum up, this technology event offered students who attend it a wonderful advice for the future job. It is an event that you cannot miss.

Diversity Within the Muslims

On Thursday, November 2, 2017, the event, Diversity Within the Muslim Ummah was hosted in the 14th floor conference room of Baruch College’s NVC building. I chose to attend this event not only for this blog post, but also for my sociology class. As the clock hits 6:00 P.M, the event officially begin with Islamic praying rituals. They pray with songs that I never heard of before, but it was every nice. After the praying was done, the first speaker was invited to the stage. He was a very funny guy who talks about how current Muslims are facing so much discrimination that it never happened before.

The next group of speakers represents diversity in profession, which different Muslims from different work setting talk about their life as a Muslim. These guest speakers studied in the fields of health, physiology, and computer science. The question for them was how does their background influence their profession. There were many answers, some said family, and some said belief. The second question was challenges they face in daily life, most of them agree on the biggest challenge was fitting into the community without losing the Muslim identity. So, I though to myself, it is more important to fit in or not losing its own belief. I did not come up with an answer because without either one, is hard to live as a whole in the society, so I admired them for choosing to stay with religion.

By the end of the event, I got a better understanding of the religion Islam and Muslims. I think is unfair for people to think negatively about Muslims because of 9/11 and ISIS. To be honest I think, Muslims are a group of very nice people, they stay strong about their own belief, even when the society is acting poorly on them. I think they have a very beautiful culture, and everyone should respect it.



Starr Career Development Workshop

For  my final blog post I had a hard time deciding to choose to go to a workshop or schedule an appointment at the Starr Center to go over a resume. I decided to go to the marketing expo to explore another business field and to get to know what the Starr center has to offer in the future in terms of events. The workshop started off with power point presentations given by professors in the event. In the workshop I learned the differences between advertising and market which I thought were the same. The difference is marketing is the specifics and managements of the business while advertising is the more artist or creative side, in how you will present this product and how you will get this product out into the public. With the workshop I learned that  written or type up resume is not the only way to present your resume, a professor presented a student’s video resume which I found is a great an unique way to present yourself it shows the companies you are applying for in the future that you think outside the box which I may consider doing myself, it also shows the true side of you not some face that you are putting on to get the job. After the presentation we sat and discussed with companies at our tables will was an amazing experience getting to know and talk to top companies whom may or may not be our employers  in the future. There were a wide range of companies covering many fields like news, games, music, etc.

Networking event

I attended a networking event in the hope it could help with my sociology research paper due soon. However, it was very different from my expectations of it. This did not necessarily help with the development of my paper, yet instead in helped with thinking of my future. I gained a new understanding and perspective on what networking truly is. I once believed networking should be idealized for meeting people to keep in contact for future career help. To be a  business engagement with less comfort as well as the will to be very outgoing. As a scary interpretation, this ideal can be seen in everyone’s conscious without fail, until shown there is another way to view this action. Networking is much simpler than this common belief because it is all about making a friend. Begin by introducing yourself and sparking different topics to push the conversation to learn things about the other person. This is meant to be a casual conversation between the two people.  As the conversation goes well and begins to see its end say “It was nice meeting you.” and get a form of contact, to stay connected.

This event was hosted by about three clubs, in which an organization came with a powerpoint to explain what is to network with other people. This represented the do’s and don’ts with a practice of networking for the rest of the events time. And the game that came to my group of two other girls also graduated Baruch college last year. We asked questions about his job, his interests and his dislikes. He also gave us pointers as freshmen in Baruch to attend more networking events and take on internships as early as possible. When looking for an internship as a senior it is much more difficult to attain, given rejections.