Conversation Partners Program

I am Phuong Huynh, an international student, non-native English speaker, who is still struggling in class to express myself, to understand lessons, and to have confidence in public speaking. That’s why I attended in Conversation Partner Program to develop professional skills, improve English, moreover, I have the ability to get to know people’s cultures and also can have a lot of fun.

When I got there it was a little bit late, I saw people were standing in groups getting to know each other. The first time they were in groups of people living in the same borough, the second time the same major, next time the same horoscope.

After that, we were arranged to stand in groups of about five people, holding random people with both hands in the group and we had to make a circle without letting any hand go.

Later we picked partners, I and my partner sat opposite to each other, back to back, I faced the wall and she faced the screen. We switched chair a couple times. We played a game that the rule is the person who faces the screen has to explain what is on the screen for his or her partner to draw, but the person who faces the screen cannot look at what their partner draws and the other person cannot look at the board. I think maybe the point of the game is to help us to find out our skills of explaining to others. It made me realize my vocabulary of geometry is so poor. I learned some words from the game though.

It was a fun and exciting experience of participating in Conversation Partners Program. I think the idea of organizing this program is both meaningful for non-native English speakers and native English speakers – they can learn a lot about people’s cultures and have a lot of fun as well.

Hillel 20 Min Monday


  1. My experience in Hillel 20 minutes money was great. When I enter the class I was served with different varieties of pizzas. They told us to sit and listen. I learned about Jewish culture and why they celebrate Rosh Hashanah holiday of why they celebrate that day is because Rosh Hashanah is the creation of the World. It is time to recreate ourselves by recognizing our faults, repenting and asking forgiveness from others of our sins, all leading to otonement granted by G-d for our action. A special synagogue service is held during the daytime during Rosh Hashanah. She said it is like Sabbath service, but there are extra song and prayers that help people reflect and think about their lives. The presenter talked about her life and she said she was Jewish and she was also adopted by a Jewish family and that family adopted her because her kids died. She also talked about her mom’s dream and said her mom saw a dream that she watch her kids in her dream on the rooftop of their house and her mom miss her real kids a lot, but that never bring her away from this foster family because they never treat her as she is separate they alway treat her as her own daughter and she always feel comfortable with them. She talked more about her experience and how thing went in her personal life which I don’t want to include in this blog post because that’s personal. After she was done giving her background stories she asked other about their stories and only few shared their stories. Then we watched some videos.
  2. My impression on this activity was very good because I get to learn about different culture and different perspectives of people’s life. I know a lot about my culture and American culture but learning about Jewish culture was very new for me and taught me a lot. This workshop is making me curious to learn more about them and not just them about every culture and might make me an Anthropologist.

Club hours with BASS (Baruch Actuarial Science Club)


After going to the club carnival, I decided to join BASS, which is Baruch Actuarial Science Society. It is a club for students who intends to be an actuarial. As I knew there was not much people know about the industry of actuary, I didn’t expect there would be much of people in the club. However, on the first day of the club meeting, the room was flooded with people! The line of people were extended to the classroom door. On that day, we greeted our club president Meir. He briefly explained what is actuarial science, what does the industry of actuarial science has to offer and how to become an actuarial. Then, the Vice President of the club went through a list of course we could take in order to prepare for the actuarial exam.

As a freshman, I was planning to join something fun or less tense like music club or guitar club. However, I also want to know more about the actuarial science field that I want to be in since junior in high school. I am pretty thankful that Baruch has these business related club to get our feet wet even when we are in freshman year. Even though it was a bit intimated to hear all of those requirements/ course we have to take in order to become an actuarial, it was actually a way to remind myself to work hard!

In here, I would really want to take the time to thank all the seniors or juniors who are running BASS. They set up such a role model for me. The seconds that they starts speaking in front of the whole club, it amazes me. They sounds so professional! And the way they present their ideas are clear, organized and on-point.

Cheers! Great way to begin college!

Esports Organization Club

The one club that I attended for general interest meeting was the esports organization. The duration of this meeting was about a hour. It took place at a small room on the 4th floor. When I first walked in, the room was completely packed with many other people. While we sat and waited for the meeting to start, we basically greeted each other. We shared about the games we play and rather if we have similar interest. Most of the people in the club plays League of Legends(LOL). It is a game that I never found interest in. At the exact moment, one guy told me that there is a professional player for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) in the room. At first, when his name was mentioned, I had no idea who it was. Then after searching him up on the phone and thinking about his in game name “Toy” for a second, I came into realization. He was one of the member of the disbanded team called “Rush” who made it to the ESL pro league NA. Over the next course of the period, we basically went over what this club is about. They did a powerpoint presentation where I learned that they have their own computer room on the 6th floor of the library. Within those computers, they have games such as LOL, CSGO, Dota 2, hearthstone, possibly Player’s Unknown Battleground, and etc. Not only that, they have esports teams that are sponsored by the college. However, they only have sponsors for CSGO and LOL. Basically that sums up the presentation and I was told that the computer room is not ready for use yet. Afterward, we basically just gathered up together based on the games we play and started interacting with each other. Not only did this club let me find people who have similar interest, but it also helped me found something fun to do during club hours. I strongly believed that the main benefits I got from this club is meeting new people who can potentially be someone that I will play games with. Overall, video games was just a medium that break the ice and allow me to know people who can also help me on college related subjects.Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Delta Sigma Pi

As a new freshman student in Baruch College, I am trying to join a club. There are more than 150 clubs on campus, so I want to chose one which I like the best. I would like to join a club about my major Marketing Management, so I am looking forward to finding a professional business club.

Delta Sigma Pi founded in New York University on November 7th, 1907. It is one of the largest, most prestigious, and respected business fraternities. This is my first time joined their meeting, so some of clubs members introduced the club activities to me. They usually organize some community service to help homeless people. During the workshop, we made some sandwiches for homeless people. We worked as a group and each person did the different part of work. I put grapes jelly on the bread and my partner put peanut better on another bread. Then we put two sides of breads together to make a peanut better jelly sandwich. In the activities, I knew some of new people and help the homeless people.

In the workshop, club members helped me better understand the club structure and what they do. If you want to join the club, you need to at least participate 3 workshop and pass the interview. After you pass the interview, you can get helps from brothers and other group members. There are a lot of successful brothers graduates from Baruch and came back to give a speech and workshop. They share their experience and help you with your resume and internship. I think these workshops will help me a lot in finding internships and work opportunities.

I am still interesting in several different clubs, so I am going to participate in more activities and know about each group. After that, I can chose a club which fit me well.

Starting a conversation

Being a freshman is not easy, to begin with. Being a freshman in the school in the middle of New York City could be scary. Especially, if you are not certain in your knowledge of English. In Baruch, I found Conversational Club Partners which connects native mad non-native students to help them start a conversation. The CCP goal is to help you find some new interesting friends and gain assurance in your language skills. Partners are matched randomly so it is a great way to connect with someone who you would not talk to normally. I decided to try out CCP in order to find a person to explore Baruch and NYC together. By joining the program you agree to meet up with your assigned partner at least 7 times per term. Everything counts. Going to a museum, having lunch, going to a gym and even studying at the library. Therefore, I thought it is the perfect to start the exploration and connect with new people. I got matched with two people. One native and other non-native speakers. It is hard to find that suits all of us to just sit down and talk. However, CCP hosts diverse events throughout the semester like Welcoming Party or Game Night. There are 7 of them, exactly the number to meet program requirements. We also decided to have our first meeting during one of those events. I joined the club with my best friend who is also non-native freshman is Baruch. Meeting at the event might be the perfect opportunity to set up a little group with all of our partners and start the conversation. I’m looking forward to all the meeting ahead and the conversations we could have. In your first year in Baruch, you meet a lot of people, being part of CCP is a good way to start your conversation. 

Japanese Anime Asylum

My experience with the Japanese Anime Asylum was an amazing one. The members of the club and the students in charge of the club were extremely nice. Despite being late to the club I was greeted with an overwhelming amounts of acceptance, the moment I stepped into the room I felt a warm and soothing atmosphere. They were in the middle of their club game day to have everyone get to know each other and to enjoy the common interest of the Japanese art of animation. They had a dice rolling trivia game to kind of test how well the members knew anime, the game had different categories like opening songs, quotes, player choice, silhouettes, etc. The club provided snacks and refreshments which was nice of them. Looking in I noticed strangers getting along and being friends with one another. The people were very laid back and chill they seemed easy to be approached and easy to be friends with. The club leaders were enthusiastic about what they were promoting in the club. Being inside the club I felt like I was at home with a group of people with the same interests as me whom felt like family. Although the room was small the stuffy everyone dealt with it and the club leaders are planning to try to get a bigger room since the amount of turnout for the club exceeded their expectations. Overall this was a great first experience of what student life at Baruch was and I feel like I will enjoy my time here regardless of what ever club I am going to be in or any activities on campus that will be hosted I look forward to my student life here.

Japanese Anime Asylum Club

On Thursday September 14th I found myself once again in the packed room VC 9-117, pulled by my love of anime and curiously. The week prior I joined to get myself more involved in the Baruch culture, to begin to look at clubs in the campus. This is my first and only so far, but as my first I am glad I have chosen this one to give the first impression as a freshman still bubbling with excitement and the overwhelming chains of the new environment and culture as a whole. This club in it self may sound very nerdy but, this particular group of people are much different. Ranging from 40-50 of passionate, creative and energetic young unique individuals it draws me in, tempting me to become more familiar with everyone. People enter as if all the weight of college or personal stress is lifted off their shoulders, a smile spreading across their face. A sense of belonging with others that share other interests as you in a room that have many different college years under their belt, yet still feel equal no matter what serves a unique significance not easily found. I enjoy environments where there is no shame for what you love and how you go about your ways to feel truly happy.

On that particular Thursday afternoon, it was Game day, an intriguing and interesting activity that focused on our knowledge of anime. I was still very shy and I hope to break that bubble and become more connected with others. There were four groups, and a dice was rolled from 1-5, while all groups were able to answer any correct got points. In the winning number four group I found myself quite struggling to get the answers of some. but overall, it was a great, and interesting experience.

Hack For Baruch

At club fair, I signed up for anything I had shown interest in. But I knew I had to narrow down my choices. My goal was to check out as many clubs as possible in order to find the perfect one. So I attended three general interest meetings. The first one I went to was Women In Business (WIB). Although the message of their club was empowering. it did not connect with me. There were too many departments and chair positions that made it confusing for me. I could not see myself connecting with the members. The second meeting I went to was FInance & Economic Society (FES). I wanted to know more about this because I am planning on majoring finance. But I am also interested in economic. Although I was overwhelmed with the numbers of people in the room, I thought I could learn and gain valuable skills from this club. They had a mentorship program where first year students would be pair up with mentors to guide them through their journey. I thought that would be really helpful to me. So I applied online, but was rejected. I did not want to just be a general member in the club. I would try again next semester. Lastly, I found Hack For Baruch. i have always been interested in computer science. I think coding is an important skills to learn in today’s world. I attended the general meeting last Thursday. Although it was a quick and short meeting, they introduced their board members and explain what are some upcoming events.They will also hold workshops to teach us coding languages. The most important thing was that it was a small community which I can feel comfortable in. I could see myself devoting my time into it and building relationships with them. Overall,I had a nice experiences attending all three meetings. All the people I met was very friendly and inviting. They all gave out pizza too. 

Due today assignment

Well, this is a general description about Ascend Club. It was awesome that you could see many people which were moving in a dark, crowded room, just like the elevators we took during the freshmen orientation. There were five group leaders of the club talking. Most of the people there are majoring in finance and accounting. Some of the people are very funny. They were keeping joking as some ice-breakers. Some of them looked very funny and I believe they were thinking about their due assignments like me. So they first introduced themselves and their groups like what they do. They actually talked about mostly the benefit of the club. People in different groups are doing things a little bit different but generally they are looking forward to meeting their mentors to learn how to make your resume cool. After dressing yourself you may meet many business owners of those big company. You can talk many things to them about like being a good employee and etc. After the intro they turned on the lights, we entered a free talking session. I like soda there the most cuz I was thirsty, noodles were also good. As for the small meat balls, I have only one doubt. Why is every club doing that for us? Anyway. Goodnight. 

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