Joining Toast Masters Club


I was confused and overwhelmed as I went through the list of clubs at Baruch. Baruch has many different clubs to cater to different kinds of students who possess different interests and ambitions in mind. I had no idea what clubs would interest me and where I would best fit in. I wasn’t halfway through the list when my friend, Rafal Wobbeltrovsky, texted me asking if I would like to go check out Toast Masters Club with him. He mentioned that it was a club focused on public speaking and that it helps in the development of astounding public speaking skills. That quickly caught my attention.

I developed a passion for public speaking at a young age. I admire people who have the power to impact people positively through their ability to speak well. I hope to be a public speaker one day, regardless of my career, and this is why I found Toast Masters interesting. I saw it as an opportunity to develop my public speaking skills and gain confidence by speaking in front of the 70+ members it currently has. Mike, Toast Master’s president was very welcoming and enthusiastically ironed out all the details of the club. He told me I had a lot to look forward to after I briefly mentioned my passion for public speaking. Mike also mentioned that improvisation was a part of what they do. He said members are given random prompts and are asked to give a short speech about the given topic. That sounded fun because that gave members flexibility and the room for creativity to say whatever they wanted pertaining to the prompt. I did that all the time in high school. In fact, that’s how I got my 12th-grade Economics teacher to think so highly of me. I am glad Rafal wobbeltrovsky told me what Toast Masters was about because I would have never guessed otherwise.

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