FRO blog; MoMA

The first activity that I attended in my first year in Baruch was that I went to Museum Of Modern Art(MoMA) with my several friends on last Friday. Museum Of Modern Art is an art museum located in 53rd street between 5th and 6th Avenue. MoMA has been very important in developing and collecting modernist’s art. There were many famous paintings from many well known artists. For example, the painting ‘water lilies’ from Claude Monet. And also the most impressive painting for me is the painting ‘Starry night’ from Van Gogh. Because I usually see the painting ‘Starry Night’ from the internet, magazines or TVs, so I was really excited when I saw the real ‘Starry night.’ Furthermore, the scale of the museum really surprised me because there are no such big and formal museum in my hometown. There were 6 floors in this building and it took me 3-4 hours to hang around this museum.

To be honest, It is my first time to visit a art exhibition. By watching those products of arts, it opens my eyesight. It helps me to learn a lot of different cultures through watching those art products which were produced in different years or decades. And I also believe that these could help me on my history class and anthropology class, which means it could give me some background informations about historical events. In addition, these really gave me a better understanding in some area.

I think going to museum is a good way for me to release my stress. Actually, there are pretty quiet in the museum. Therefore, I can just walk alone on the museum and enjoy the artistic product. It probably will give me some inspiration which is good for my academic essay. Furthermore, I would like to join more these kind of activities. It can help me to learn more new things.

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