Enrichment Blog Post # 3: Career

This Thursday I attended a CUNY EDGE workshop being run by Rebecca Marrero. The workshop goal was to teach and inform about proper business etiquette. From the workshop I got information that I already knew and information that was new to me. The information that I already knew was like basic obvious things. Such as be professional at all times. Other information that I already knew about was stuff I learned previous workshops and programs. An example of that is to use a subject, so as to make sure that your email gets read. So it just re-instilled the truthfulness behind the advice. The information that I did not know until the workshop feels that they will come in handy in the future when I am in a professional setting. One that I did not know is that you are supposed to introduce the most important person or the highest ranking first. I had no idea and I will most likely need that in my future line of work. Another thing that I learned is that you should use a signature in your emails. Stating your name and contact information, and also stating that I am an undergraduate and my class (i.e 2021). The instructor gave us a email template to have us write a email for a scenario. Which she used to show us what is good to do and what we should avoid in certain scenarios. She also had volunteers come up,I didn’t want to but she called me out because no one else wanted to. She gave us a task and it was to have one volunteers to introduce the other to me. The setting was an office party and we each had a ranking. She did it to have a visual example of business etiquette. At the very end of the workshop she gave a pamphlet.

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