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My name is Diamond-Tiara and I enjoy reading and eating. My attended major is business management.<img class='wpa-image-missing-alt size-medium none' src=''
Over the summer I was given the book The Book of Unknown Americans to read for my Freshmen seminar class. After reading it, I see that I enjoyed the way the other included the backstory of the other people in the building. It gave them depth and character. You were able to make better judgements on them knowing how they made it to this point in time. It added to me a charm to the story.

Enrichment Workshop: Student Life

In high school I’ve always been involved with clubs, and school activities. I was actually the leader of two clubs at the time, so I know how clubs work and how fun it can be. Clubs have always been a way for me to escape from the academics, and to express myself outside of the classroom. Being a leader of two clubs, it really taught me how to be in control and how to organize the functions of a club.

At first I was skeptical of FUSION, or the Filipino Club here at Baruch. I envisioned just a bunch of Filipinos talking about boring subjects like politics in the Philippines, and how the current president is an insane sociopath who just goes on a rampage killing drug dealers, but this club is the exact opposite. Surprisingly, there are more non-Filipinos than actual Filipinos in the club. The first General Interest Meeting had me hooked to this club, the leaders are down to earth, genuine people who I was extremely lucky to have met. They’re such a welcoming group of people, and have a variety of events they both host and attend. Some include trips, pageants, or even just eating together as friends. They really know how to have fun, (Filipinos do know how to throw bomb parties coming from a Filipino background) and how to bring people into their circle, just like a family. Positive vibes exudes from the club itself which is what I looked for in a club.

Clubs in high school and college are very different. In high school, it was very difficult to be able to go on trips or host events because of the lack of supplies and funds clubs can receive. As for college, there is an immense amount of activities and events, it’s insane. I am excited to continue attending FUSION’s meetings, and can’t wait for what’s in store for the upcoming years.



Introductory Post

International Business with a minor in CIS and Finance
I have 4 siblings: a brother, a stepbrother, stepsister, and a half brother

One like about the book: I liked that it was a realistic portrayal of the struggles these people are experiencing. There were moments which were moving because they were a reminder that things don’t alway end up good.

One dislike about the book: There were some point of views which I found were not necessary. They didn’t really add to the context of the book.

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My name is Jaskaran Singh, but I prefer to be called Jazz. A fun fact about myself is that I love cars and driving. I’ve had a passion for cars ever since I was little. My intended major is International Business. I hope to travel around the world while working. One thing I liked about the book, ” The Book of Unknown Americans”, was that the plot was relevant to current events. Many families are moving to the United States as opportunity to escape many problems back home. One thing I disliked about the book was the transition of the book. It went from a book about immigration to a cliché love saga. I thought the author should’ve built upon the struggles of immigration even if you come here legally.

Introductory Post

My name is Tajinur Jafarli, I’d prefer to be called Taja. A “fun fact” about myself is that I enjoy painting in my free time. My perspective major is CIS (computer information systems.) I’ve developed several opinions on, The Book of Unknown Americans. While reading the book I found myself relating to the main character because we’re both immigrants. There’s many things that one may like about this book, one particular thing I liked was that this story emphasis that most immigrants that come to America have a complicated background and reason to why they migrated. Although this book is generally good, I found it to be a bit boring. If author added more realistic details to this novel, it would be more intriguing. I would’ve also appreciated to see more character development.

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Stephan Katz
I speak fluent Portuguese.
Accounting or Finance.
Liked: I found it interesting the way immigrants had to adjust and how different there lives were in Mexico and the changes they had to deal with when coming to the United States.
Dislike: I did not like how they ended up moving back to Mexico I feel as though it doesn’t show an optimistic idea on the “American Dream.”

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My name is Mitchell Guerra. A fun fact about me is that I used to do Tae Kwon Do. I’m not entirely sure what I want to pursue yet, so for now, my major is undecided. Below is a picture of me in Barcelona, Spain this summer. One thing I liked about “The Book of Unknown Americans” was the reality of the class differences in America. The author refused to sugarcoat the fact that they truly do exist. Especially in Maribel’s case where she is an immigrant, which is difficult enough. She had gone through a brain injury and struggled immensely during her time in the states. A dislike I had was Maribel’s mother. She was always overprotective and blamed herself for Maribel’s accident throughout the entire length of the novel. She was a bit over the top at some points.

The Bearcat Bucketlist

During Convocation, the Bearcat Bucketlist was announced. It is a list of activities meant to highlight the college experience at Baruch. (Note: they are optional to complete, but still great fun!)

To fully experience Baruch, you have to:

Make a friend

Buy from a bake sale

Donate the clothes drive

Get an on-campus job

Get adequate sleep

Participate in the Relay for Life

Use the study labs

Have lunch at the Highline

Visit the NVC’s 14th Floor

Have lunch with President Wallerstein


Take pic with the statue

Go one day without caffeine (ha ha ha)

Shake hands with the Bearcat

Go to the talent show and perform

Attend Baruch Bash

Make the Bearcat Call

Introductory Post

Name: Albert Fanara

Fun Fact: I played baseball and football in high schoolThis image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

Perspective major: Accounting/Finance

I liked how the book exposed some issues that face immigrants in this country

However, I thought the book could’ve exposed some more common issues that everyday immigrants face