Internship Seminar

During club hours last Thursday, I attended a Career Workshop for Internship Seminar. It was very packed and he said it was the most attendance he has ever seen. Luckily for me, I went early and got a seat.  Throughout his talk he taught us how to get and internship, whats needed in a resume, and how to make one even without any work experience. It was very informational, before I went to the workshop I thought to get an internship was difficult and competitive.  But he said there are thousands of opportunities, paid and unpaid. He taught us how to log onto STARR and find internships that are best fit for us.  He told us how to put together a resume and what you should put.  Overall I am glad that I attended this workshop, because it shed new light to me. There are many opportunities I just have to take action and take advantage of these opportunities.

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