Business Career Enrichment Workshop

Today, I attended a Business Career Enrichment Workshop with Justin at the Starr Career Development Center. We talked about majors and what type of career paths certain majors can lead to, as you do not have to be a certain major to have a certain type of job, although it does help. We were exhorted to get on Starr Search, if not already, to get access to internships, OCRs, and job opportunities by the companies on Starr, as well as submit and update a resume or come in during walk-in hours to get it done, in order to make the resume more professional. When networking with certified professionals in the field, I learned that I should always be myself and how useful networking can be to get your foot in the door and build connections that can put you in a stable financial position post-graduating. We learned about what Starr had to offer, as well as getting a chance to ask questions with the speakers present. All in all, I mainly learned about what I should be thinking about my career paths and what exactly I would want out of my education here at Baruch college; it was quite an educational, helpful experience.


I went to Starr to go over my resume over the past week. I edited my resume about a month ago when the professional business fraternities were holding their resume workshops. I had many people look over my resume, and they were able to give advice on how to improve it. I was able to add a lot of information and it looked decent. However, I felt that I could add more or at least change the structure of the resume itself. When I went to Starr to have it looked at, they thought it was a pretty good resume for a freshman. They recommended changing some of the structure as well as. When I left, my resume was a lot more consistent and the detail was much denser.

Majors and Minors Fair

Last Thursday on November 9th, I attended the Majors and Minors Fair during club hours. As I walked into the multi-purpose room I could immediately tell that this event would be a great way to learn about the different  majors, as well as minors, we can study in the next couple of years. Having several people representing these different departments provided an easy way to ask questions and learn more information. I came into this event with the intent to learn more information on the difference between the Mathematics Major and the Financial Mathematics Major. After speaking with someone at the Financial Mathematics table, I was able to find out about the many course requirements in order to fulfill the major, many of which involve finance and economics classes. In contrast, the Mathematics Major is more flexible, and requires that I just take a few required math courses, and then build up credits from a variety of other math courses available.  As of today, I’m leaning more towards the Mathematics Major because of its less requirements, and because it would allow me to focus more on conceptual mathematics courses. Before leaving, I stopped Allan and Jason at the fair to take a quick photo:

SACC tutoring

A while ago, I attended the SACC tutoring services. I decided to attend this because I wanted to try a different method of studying for my calculus exam and plus improve my grade. With that, I made a appointment online for a tutor at SACC. The tutor I was provided with was very knowledgable of the subject, being that she is minoring in mathematics.  I understand a lot of the topics quite clearer now ranging from graphing, derivatives,optimization problems,etc. Even though I still am having some difficultly with some questions asked about these topics, I now understand the key concepts and tricks into solving the problems and now feel more confident in doing them.  My tutor also recommended khan academy, and various recourses to help me do well in the class. I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of the SACC tutoring service because it can definitely help you boost your grade. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

SACC Tutoring

A few weeks ago, I attended the SAAC tutoring center at school to help me improve my math skills and hopefully do better on the second midterm. Math was always easy for me in high school, so it came as a shock when I had absolutely no idea what was happening in my current calc class. I struggled to keep up with the fast paced lectures, but always reviewed my notes and home and got 100s on the quizzes. The quizzes, I had learned after the first midterm, were way easier than the actual exam, so I would need a lot of help for the second midterm. My tutor was able to help me with the trickier problems and went over basic questions so that I would be able to do them quickly on the test. I felt more confident going into the second midterm and was even able to get 5 points higher on this midterm. Although it may not seem like a significant amount, I am happy I was able to improve my score, thanks to the SAAC center. I will definitely be going to them more often, since they obviously know what they are talking about and can help students do so much better. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

SACC Tutoring Center

I decided to give my Calc class one last try. Before the second midterm, I scheduled an appointment at the SACC tutoring center. My tutor had a lot of knowledge of calculus and math in general, and he tried to explain the most difficult topic, optimization, to me in a way that was clear. In class, I did not understand the way my professor taught optimization, but thanks to my tutor, I  was able to get a more clear explanation of the key steps such as how to properly find constraints. We also went over limits, which is something I nearly forgot after the first midterm. Sometimes for questions that my tutor did not find difficult, I felt a bit of pressure because he tried to show me that the problem was not difficult at all, despite my lack of understanding. I got a score higher than I expected on my midterm, and I believe this was in part due to my SACC tutor. I will be visiting the center again for upcoming midterms and finals. 


I went to STARR career a while ago for the resume workshop. I realized how bad my current resume was which I made like 2 years ago. They helped me edit it a little but I had to leave soon after. However I learned that I need to add a lot more things to my resume. My resume was all over the place and nothing made sense. I barely had any things to put in my resume.They gave me a basic outline for my resume. In the little time I was there, I learned to make my resume more appealing and detailed. I came home and somewhat revised and edited my resume as best as I could. STARR definitely helped me improve my resume. Also I will be going there again to find internships and job opportunities in the future because it is a very useful resource.


Majors and Minors Fair

Last week Allan told me that he was going to a Majors and Minors fair, so I thought I would tag along and it would probably be helpful for choosing a career choice.  I intended on majoring in accounting but after taking a sheet of paper with all the information that I need to be an accountant and what an accountant does, I became unsure about majoring in accounting.  I went around asking other people what their majors do and became even more undecided on what to major in.  We also saw Mauro at the fair, who intends to major in math and told me about his path to majoring in math.  Overall the fair was helpful and taught me a lot more about what accountants do and what it takes to become one.

Blog Post #3

On November 14,2017, despite the lack of workshops that peaked my interests at the Starr Development Center, I attended a Business Career Enrichment discussion which spoke about finding a purpose in what we want to do with our lives and what exactly it means to follow a major before, during, and after college. A lot of the material was rather repetitive, but at the end of the discussion, students were open to ask the speakers. Some short videos were also intriguing. What I found most useful were the particular experiences each person shared throughout or outside one’s college career. One individual mentioned to always presenting yourself straightforwardly whenever getting the chance to network, participate in an interview, and perform routine tasks in general. Beforehand, I didn’t see a purpose in that statement, but now that I see it in action almost every day, face to face or online, I believe it is much more than it seems. I felt the workshop had more to do with students who had a goal rather than business students working toward a degree. Overall, I gained experience on how I should view opportunities and business insight.



Awesome Baruch in Concert Experience

On Thursday, I attended the event known as Baruch in Concert. In this event, I witnessed many amazing performances whether it was solo singing, accapella groups or even a little skit. Throughout the show, I noticed how hard the performers worked to prepare for this event and I also noticed how their hard work really paid off at the end as they went out onto that stage in the Performance Center and really did an outstanding job. I hope these performers can continue their careers in the performing arts and really make it one day. Also, going to this event really reflected on my past experiences when I was in band in middle school and high school and the experience would be on that stage performing in front of people as watching this event kind of made me miss playing music in a sense. I would definitely consider a return to music in the near future.