Enrichment Workshop #3: Career

Aman Dharani 23795587

For my final enrichment workshop, I decided to visit the STARR Career Center, as most of my classmates seem to have done the same thing. I was able to meet with an advisor there that gave me tons of info towards my career path. I dove into a deep conversation about my passions and conflictions about my major with them, as I’ve been confused about this for so long. I got to learn so much about what I can do moving forward and how Baruch can help me do that.  I learned that Baruch provides so many amenities such as interview prep, counseling, and recruiting from some really top-notch companies. I know that I will utilize these moving forward and it was heartwarming knowing that there is so much help for me here. I also gained some clarity on how to operate the websites of STARR and how to use Simplicity. Even though we had a session on it, it helped to learn a bit more about it. I talked with the advisor about things that would be the most useful for me, such as reworking my resume and gaining public speaking skills. I think something that I will be doing very soon is scheduling either a mock interview or a resume review workshop. Both of these are necessities in the real world, and in my opinion, they are the most important. I am grateful to those at the STARR Career Center and I hope to utilize them to the best of their abilities. 

Weekly Reflection: Final Class

We just had our last FYS class of the year, and it ran as normally as any other one. However, the kids who stayed until the end got donuts and munchkins apparently. In class, wee presented the last of our monologues, which was the most interesting part of the year because I heard a few people’s voices for the first time. I got a deeper look at some of my classmates for the first and last time. It was a great experience being in FYS this year, but hey it’s not truly done until I finish my third enrichment workshop.

Weekly Reflection 10/29

In class, everyone presented their monologues, and we all inched closer to the end of FYS and finals. FYS was a great experience for me since it makes everyone be a bit more social and interactive at school, although it will be nice to have a free slot in the middle of my day again. Nonetheless, everyone was able to have some laughs, make new friends, and try new things.

Weekly Reflection

This past week we had someone from the STARR Career Center come to speak to us about what it is. We were all able to pick up great information on everything that it has to offer. Thankfully, I was able to understand that Baruch has something for everyone and that I can utilize all it has through the app called Simplicity.

Enrichment Workshop #2

Aman Dharani: 23795587

I decided to tackle the academic workshop this time, and I chose to go to the Museum of Mathematics on 26th Street. The thing I hate the most in the world is Math, but the museum was also the closest thing to school and ended up being pretty interesting. At first, the museum really does have a childish vibe to it but it evens out as you go on. Many things caught my eye the second I walked in and bought my ticket, such as the tricycle in the center of the very small museum which had square wheels and ran on a triangular track. The museum took very simple concepts of math such as the aforementioned shapes and made them interesting and childish activities. Another interesting thing at the museum was an exhibit called the “String Product”, which is a ginormous polygraph (pictured below with my head) that lights up and meets at the product of any two numbers you can fathom within its spectrum. It was an eye-grabbing and unique piece that showcased the wide limitations of math. All in all, the Museum of Mathematics is not as repelling as it sounds. It is actually a great concept and piece that lets you grasp the idea of something you hate and makes it cool and fun. I definitely recommend going here and letting your inner child (or nerd) out.

Weekly Reflection

It is a stressful time for me at Baruch right now as we have entered the odd point where you have to sign up for classes and study for tests. This is when you realize that you have to be somewhat independent and figure things out yourselves and get things done. In my opinion, this is where you can really separate yourself from your peers and figure out who you are and what you want to do. I am excited for what is coming next and have been prepping myself all week.


Another week has passed by in our college lives and all of my friends seem to be talking about their midterms and tests which is honestly stressing me out. I have papers and tests due later this month and it is all getting to me very quickly because I have to get a grip on my academic life. I did well on my Psychology test which was my first ever college test so that is actually pretty motivating. I’m trying to balance out my calendar at this point as I’d just like to stay on top of things and organized.

Weekly Reflection

Another week has gone by in my college career and it is honestly going by so fast. We have just two more months of classes and then December is just finals. In this last week, I once again did not do much. While that is concerning, I’m not really complaining. I have a couple of papers due this month, one of them in the next few days so I have to get cracking. I’m hoping to visit the writing center later this week. I had a lot of fun this past week at school as I took advantage of my free time and went to events on the 2nd floor with my friends, as that is my favorite thing about Baruch.

Weeky Reflection

This last week was one of the best I’ve had at Baruch so far. I spent most of it counting down to the glorious 5 day weekend we just had, and I plan on spending the rest of this week counting down to having Tuesday and Wednesday off next week also! I’m in the groove of learning things at school and I’ve begun studying for tests which indicates that college has officially began. I plan on getting more involved in clubs and events as the year progresses, but for now, I would like to focus on my grades. However, I have been very relaxed at school so far and all my teachers have done a lot to make it that way.

Weekly Reflection #3

This week was somewhat magical for me, as I had my first class cancellation which was amazing. I finally understood how satisfying it is to have your whole day free out of nowhere. The rest of my week was pretty regular. I can feel the tests and quizzes inching closer and I’ve yet to buy certain textbooks. I’m learning more and more about school as we progress also, as I finally memorized what rooms all my classes are in. I’ve also been meaning to speak to an advisor as I’ve been having second thoughts about my current major which is Political Science. Overall, my week was fine but nothing too extravagant.