Enrichment Workshop #3: Career

Aman Dharani 23795587

For my final enrichment workshop, I decided to visit the STARR Career Center, as most of my classmates seem to have done the same thing. I was able to meet with an advisor there that gave me tons of info towards my career path. I dove into a deep conversation about my passions and conflictions about my major with them, as I’ve been confused about this for so long. I got to learn so much about what I can do moving forward and how Baruch can help me do that.  I learned that Baruch provides so many amenities such as interview prep, counseling, and recruiting from some really top-notch companies. I know that I will utilize these moving forward and it was heartwarming knowing that there is so much help for me here. I also gained some clarity on how to operate the websites of STARR and how to use Simplicity. Even though we had a session on it, it helped to learn a bit more about it. I talked with the advisor about things that would be the most useful for me, such as reworking my resume and gaining public speaking skills. I think something that I will be doing very soon is scheduling either a mock interview or a resume review workshop. Both of these are necessities in the real world, and in my opinion, they are the most important. I am grateful to those at the STARR Career Center and I hope to utilize them to the best of their abilities.