Enrichment workshop

     For my third and final enrichment workshop, I had to complete the career criteria. Unsurprisingly I left it till the last minute and decided to go visit the STARR on Thursday during my five hour break because why not? A few weeks ago for an FYS class we were given a sheet outlining events that were coming up but sadly I did not make it to any of them as of yet. I really looked forward to getting my headshot picture taken for a LinkedIn profile but i unfortunately forgot to go although I was reminded at the STARR center that I will have another opportunity to do so so I am really looking forward to that. I also talked to the staff there, who were really helpful btw, about minors and supposedly it’s not required to minor in something but I’m not sure I’m gonna go down that route. However coming here has helped me settle on psychology as a minor. I am taking the class and have enjoyed it thus far. In addition the lovely staff recommended that I make appointments to help set up my resume when I mentioned that I wanted a picture taken. This is a complete lifesaver because my resume is a mess as of now and receiving help will be amazing. This overall experience was completely beneficial and I am sure that I am gonna be hanging out there a lot more often.

Weekly Reflection 10

Our last ever FYS class took session this past Tuesday and i cant believe we are already done with this class. Im gonna miss this class a little but i am for sure not gonna miss taking the crowded elevators all the way to the 12th floor. I am extremely grateful for this class and for Bernice and Gabby for smoothening out my transition from high school to college. This class definitely taught me what there is to know about Baruch and how i can take advantage of all its resources which will 100% be useful for the next few years that i will spend here. From convocation day to now i cant believe how fast time flew by. Hopefully the rest of college goes by this fast.

Weekly Reflection 9

The moving process so far has not been fun at all but at least i got over the worst part which is actually moving furniture. Other than that i went to a birthday dinner over the weekend to celebrate my friends birthday. We have been friends since elementary school so it was cool meeting up as we haven’t seen each other in a while. We had a really great time and i got to finally meet some of his his high school friends that i have heard a lot about. It was a fun experience and i cant wait to see them again for my birthday which is coming up soon.

Weekly Reflection 8

I have my first college midterm coming up this week and surprisingly enough I am not stressing over it at all. Its for my logic class which has always been an easy class for me. Im more than confident that i am gonna get a good grade on it.  Other than that this week i have started the moving process as i am moving houses so that is something that i do NOT look forward to in the coming days as i know it will require a lot of work.

Weekly Reflection 7

Today was a day to forget. It was the first time i have had two tests in one day. The first was music and the second was Math and i cant say that i am pleased with how i performed on both tests. Whats even worse is that these are the two classes that i like the least. I enjoyed calculus in high school but college calculus has always been a pain in the ass. And as much as i love listening to music, going to lass to learn about old music is not fun at all. This day really stressed me out but what struck me most is that it is only monday and i still have a whole week of school to get through. Im just focused on getting home right now so that i can take one of my long naps.

Weekly Reflection 6

This past weekend I gave my friend driving lessons. Im not much of a great driver to be honest but I was just excited that my friend finally got her drivers permit after months of me telling her to. This was something long overdue as she is older than me and has never been behind a wheel. It was hilarious seeing how nervous she was. It almost reminded me of how nervous I was the first time I drove my dads car. This time it was her dads car and i think she was more nervous about scratching her dads car than getting into an accident.  Overall id say it went pretty well. She didn’t learn much but at least she lost some fear of driving.

Weekly Reflection 5

Not much went on this past week, it was just another regular school week here at Baruch.  I do however have my first psychology test coming up in two days. Im not really stressing over it because i am confident that I have all the material mastered. Psychology is one of my favorite classes although I hope it wasn’t so late in the day.Something about learning the human body and its functions is really interesting and is why i enjoy this class even though i have a 5 hour break on thursdays because of this class.

Weekly Reflection 4

This week went by pretty fast. There was not much school work due so this week was really chill. This week I went to one of my old high school’s soccer matches at our school field.  It was cool seeing some of my old friends and teammates out on the field and I had a few words with my old coach. He told me that he was retiring at the end of the season which in all honesty, is probably for the best. Not to be mean but he wasn’t the best coach and I know a lot of my old teammates are glad they will have a new coach next season. He was still really chill although he didn’t know much about the sport but he will for sure be missed by the school.

Weekly Reflection 3

This past week I had my second music in civilization test. On the first test I got a perfect score which is amazing but these past few weeks have not been going too well.  Not to be mean or anything but music is by far the most boring class in my schedule. I take all the notes but I don’t go over them at home so I don’t really know what she is talking about half of the time.  The day before the test I crammed in all my notes into a long quizlet which I have mastered 57% of.  The test wasn’t quite bad but i know I screwed up in the listening part so hopefully i get a good grade.

Enrichment workshop- Academic

For my latest enrichment workshop, me and a couple of friends decided we would pay a visit to the Student Academic Consulting Center ( also known as SACC) which provides tutoring for many subjects in which students are having trouble comprehending or keeping up with work. What is really interesting is that tutors are actual Baruch students who have previously excelled in the subjects that they are now helping others in. I think its a great idea to have fellow Baruch colleagues help each other out as I think it’s true that we learn best from other students. I think that it is essential for Baruch to provide students with a tutoring center as a lot of the time professors are busy when class is not in session therefore they can not provide much one on one counseling with students as much as one would like. That is why I appreciate something like the SACC office as they provide all Baruch students with reliable help which can come on crucial moments like these past few days as we are in the middle of midterms. In order for a student to receive tutoring, one must first make an appointment online and choose a subject from the many available in which they wish to receive help in. Becoming a tutor requires submitting an application and I think it’s great that Baruch uses this in order to provide Baruch students with job opportunities as they pay the tutors. Becoming a tutor is something that I will definitely look into in the years to come more specifically a math tutor as it is the subject I am more comfortable helping others in. I know that becoming a tutor will allow me to help struggling students which I appreciate because I have experienced being in that struggling situation in some of my classes and I know how much tutors are important during these times of need.