Enrichment workshop

     For my third and final enrichment workshop, I had to complete the career criteria. Unsurprisingly I left it till the last minute and decided to go visit the STARR on Thursday during my five hour break because why not? A few weeks ago for an FYS class we were given a sheet outlining events that were coming up but sadly I did not make it to any of them as of yet. I really looked forward to getting my headshot picture taken for a LinkedIn profile but i unfortunately forgot to go although I was reminded at the STARR center that I will have another opportunity to do so so I am really looking forward to that. I also talked to the staff there, who were really helpful btw, about minors and supposedly it’s not required to minor in something but I’m not sure I’m gonna go down that route. However coming here has helped me settle on psychology as a minor. I am taking the class and have enjoyed it thus far. In addition the lovely staff recommended that I make appointments to help set up my resume when I mentioned that I wanted a picture taken. This is a complete lifesaver because my resume is a mess as of now and receiving help will be amazing. This overall experience was completely beneficial and I am sure that I am gonna be hanging out there a lot more often.