Enrichment Workshop (Career)

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.I visited the Star Career Development Center for my career workshop. I never knew that it was on the 3rd floor although i bypass their emails every week. I finally went and learned about the different schools Weissman and Zicklin and the different majors they offer. I also seen the requirements for the majors and what each class was generally about. What i found most interesting was that you can create your own major, which I didn’t think was possible. It seems like a very hard thing to think of, to create your own major but the STARR made it seem as though it wasn’t. There was also lots of flyers that talked about different job opportunities on and off campus. Along with jobs there were paid and unpaid internships available and they explained how they can benefit your college career.  They tell you some specifics on exactly what you will need to do to get most of these jobs and internships. Some of these internships allow you to also get college credit for specific class. There was information on how to make corporate presentations and what to expect when attending them. The STARR Development Center had the general and basic needs of anyone that wishes to be successful in Baruch College. I do plan on returning in the near future to see if i would be able to get a job, internship or even just basic help for my major.

Enrichment Workshop: (Social)

  1. I joined the Caribbean Students Association (CSA) a few weeks ago. I kind of just started going to their club room all the time and talking to the people there, and they all seem to like me so i made a lot of new friends.They are very friendly, they greet anyone who walks in even if its just to say hi. They usually have a lot of parties, and events that i attend. Most of the events are usually collaborations with other clubs, such as NABA. They have events on anything from game nights, resume writing workshops, opinionated talks, and even just events to help meet new people. They never forget to provide great food for all those who attend either. Flyers of the events are usually posted all over the third floor, on most of the doors. Whenever there isn’t anything going on we usually play games in the club room an have food and talk. Its the club in the suite that always has the music blasting. Its almost always fun in there. They would occasionally play man hunt in the school when theres nothing to do.  They also are very helpful with showing me around the school, telling me great places to eat, and sometimes even giving me things. I joined the club with one of my high school friends and they helped him study for midterms and tutored him.  They also helped me set up my schedule for next semester. Majority of the students in the club are on their second or third year, so they know a lot about the school and are always willing to help you out, and tell you about the classes you should take. Its a great community to be apart of, everyone pretty much looks out for each other. This is a picture of me helping them set up for their game night event.

Weekly Reflection 11/11

I finished all my midterms this week and i been studying hard so i am sure i did well on all of them. I have a 7 page paper due next week tho and I am really not lookin forward to finishing it. Everything has been great so far at Baruch and i started making friends and meeting people although i didn’t really intend to. I am more looking forward to my schedule for next semester, because I am tired of waking up so early, but besides that everything has gone well.


Weekly Reflection 10/28

This past week i have taken probably 5 tests, and studying for all of them is tiring. Im still doing well in all my classes n I hope after the tests that I still am. There are moments i wish i had went away for college, my friends don’t seem to get even half the amount of work I do. I already registered for my classes next semester so i hope to be even more prepared for the work load.

Weekly Reflection 10/7

This past week has been more of the same. Finally getting used to doing work again. I have to find more effective methods to study for most of my classes. I have a hybrid class that i hate so much, and I’m not doing well in, but i learned that as a freshman I can not drop any classes. Besides all that everything else has been well and i just cant wait to have another break.

Weekly Reflection 9/23

Last week Tuesday we did not have classes, due to problems with the elevators, and i am glad i did not leave my house yet when i got the email. It was great to finally have a day off. Teachers have been giving an increasing number of homework and quizzes, and they all came too fast. One of my teachers has given us a quiz every class for the past 4 classes. Besides that everything is fine, i haven’t done anything special in the school.

Enrichment Workshop#1: (Academic)

  1. Joshua Bresilien- 23953639

On Saturday, to complete my academic enrichment assignment i visited the Brooklyn Museum. I have been there many times before, but theiAs i entered first thing i noticed was the oversized ice cream sundae and sink. They represented abundance, and how many of us, living in America, are blessed to have running water, and all the desserts we wish.  I also visited an art exhibit that included all the drawings, both incomplete and completed, from Pablo Picasso and other European artists. I spent most of my time in the museum in the ancient Egypt section. There were models of tombs, and mummies. There were copies of the Egyptian Book Of The Dead, written on papyrus paper with their translations to english. They showed how they buried their dead, and believe that women were not able to reach the afterlife. To help them reach it they would bury the women as a man, and recite spells using masculine pronouns. There was also a lot of Egyptian art, jewelry, and everyday items. They had rings, statues and a headrest. The headrest is used to rest your chin during sleep and after death, to protect your head from evil spirits. The last exhibit i visited was one of colored pictures. They were taken by photographer Garry Winogrand, he is more famously known for his black and white images. This exhibit was to bring notice to his colored pictures that do not draw as much attention. He grew up in the Bronx but took majority of his pictures in New Your City. He photographed everything from, Building, Amusement parks, and even everyday people. He loved the social live and the aesthetics of the city and so he would capture images although he was not able to afford the printing of these images

Weekly Reflection 9/14

Week 3 of college has not been much of a difference. I have only been gettin more homework, and papers to right, and also started takin more quizzes. I still haven’t found anything I would like to to do really in the school besides play basketball.  I made a few new friends as well but  besides that its basically just another year of school.

Weekly Reflection 9/8

This week I have finally adjusted to the school. I have been able to find my way around and I have also been making new friends. I took my first two quizzes and I believe I did well. Most of my professors have also started to give homework. I enjoy going to the gym during its open hours to play basketball since I have a lot more free time. I also like having Fridays off, and I hope next semester I am able to have a schedule that’s easy to work with. Ordering textbooks and school materials has also been easy so I feel like I will have  a great semester.