Enrichment Workshop: (Social)

  1. I joined the Caribbean Students Association (CSA) a few weeks ago. I kind of just started going to their club room all the time and talking to the people there, and they all seem to like me so i made a lot of new friends.They are very friendly, they greet anyone who walks in even if its just to say hi. They usually have a lot of parties, and events that i attend. Most of the events are usually collaborations with other clubs, such as NABA. They have events on anything from game nights, resume writing workshops, opinionated talks, and even just events to help meet new people. They never forget to provide great food for all those who attend either. Flyers of the events are usually posted all over the third floor, on most of the doors. Whenever there isn’t anything going on we usually play games in the club room an have food and talk. Its the club in the suite that always has the music blasting. Its almost always fun in there. They would occasionally play man hunt in the school when theres nothing to do.  They also are very helpful with showing me around the school, telling me great places to eat, and sometimes even giving me things. I joined the club with one of my high school friends and they helped him study for midterms and tutored him.  They also helped me set up my schedule for next semester. Majority of the students in the club are on their second or third year, so they know a lot about the school and are always willing to help you out, and tell you about the classes you should take. Its a great community to be apart of, everyone pretty much looks out for each other. This is a picture of me helping them set up for their game night event.