Enrichment #3

My third enrichment workshop was at the career event at Starr center. I had a discussion with my friends and we decided that we would go to the career event. So then later that we went to the STARR career center. I got to learn a lot of things when I went there. We talk about different career and how you would get there. I really didn’t know what the Starr center was until I got there. We talked about different majors and the pathway to those majors. I got to see how I should plan out my classes and which classes I need to take so I can eligible.  We also talk about different minors and how they can help my career. For example we talked about how Spanish would be a great minor cause there are lots of people who speak Spanish and communicating with them is important. I got to explore different things and find out what I’m interested in. This gave me a step toward my career and I’m just getting started.

Enrichment #2

So I work by the museum of sex and every day I pass it and didn’t know what was inside. So after Awhile I thought it would be fun and funny for me I got there. So I took a Saturday off and went there. I actually thought It was great here! Interesting displays and exhibits, buried treasure was a hilarious watch and the videos concerning women and their portrayal in early porn videos was actually really interesting! The arcade was amazing! Yes you have to load a card but it’s a fun keepsake and totally worth it! I won hilarious prizes too! I also used the auto wed machine which was hilarious. The slide down to the bar was fun! Everyone seemed to be having a fun time .You also get to learn about a lot of things there. There were also some really fun things in the shop! I recommend this to everyone.

Weekly reflection #6

I just took a test I my Political science class and I hope I did well. I had hours and hours of studying but the concept is very hard. We had a review in the last class but I still had to study little more. The test contains 50 multiple choice questions. I answered 40 to the best of my ability. I guess on the last ten questions cause I didn’t know them. But that was a stressful week and took a lot of energy from me. I would recommend for people to study every night a week before then doing it a night before.

Weekly reflection #5

While in college I want to make the most of my time here and really get everything I possibly could out of this experience. I want to get involved in different types of organizations and meet as many people as I can. I do not want to waste time being lazy and sitting down all day; I would rather be active and go out making memories and experiences. I am interested in joining a sports teams and other activities.

Weekly Reflection #4

I can’t believe it is already October and midterm. I feel like it was yesterday the professor said “you’ve made it through your first week of college!” I am doing really well academically; none of my classes have given too much work and I am really proud of my grades. My hardest class is psychology just because we only have 2 grades (the exams), and that’s it. However I studied hard for the last one and did well so I am not too worried. College has been going well and is just getting better.

Weekly Reflection #3

Today marks the end of my third week in college. Wow. This week has been full of all types of emotions. It has been very overwhelming trying to find where all my classes are and trying to get to them on time. It was scary being the freshman because you are running around, looking lost, around all these older people who know where to go. It is very intimidating. However, you have to embrace it and go with it. It has been fun running into people on the way to class; I actually have never walked to a class without seeing at least one person I know. Adjusting to how college classes work is very different from high school; they work much faster and teachers don’t really take the time to explain things, like blackboard, to the freshman because they are so busy. One of my classes is 500 people, which is crazy!! I am so used to classes of 15 at my high school.

Enrichment #1

For my enrichment #1, I attend the Club fair at Baruch College. It was located in the gym in the main building. I went right after class which was about 12:30. I had an amazing time, there were many people there. The gym was almost full. I spoke too many members of different clubs. They had flyers and gave them to people after they talk to them. Some groups even had food to give out. I remember each group having a sign-up sheet. I had fun and got to learn more about the clubs. I’m looking forward to joining a group but next semester because this semester I’m focused on my school work and my job. Once I know how to manage my time will add a club to my schedule. I will be making a list of the clubs that caught my attention. Then start to pick my top three and see which one I enjoy the most.