Enrichment #3

My third enrichment workshop was at the career event at Starr center. I had a discussion with my friends and we decided that we would go to the career event. So then later that we went to the STARR career center. I got to learn a lot of things when I went there. We talk about different career and how you would get there. I really didn’t know what the Starr center was until I got there. We talked about different majors and the pathway to those majors. I got to see how I should plan out my classes and which classes I need to take so I can eligible. ¬†We also talk about different minors and how they can help my career. For example we talked about how Spanish would be a great minor cause there are lots of people who speak Spanish and communicating with them is important. I got to explore different things and find out what I’m interested in. This gave me a step toward my career and I’m just getting started.