Enrichment Workshop #1 Academic

I was a little nervous going into my first team Baruch info session meeting. But I had friends there who have been to previous meetings and told me that I’ll be fine. The Team Baruch training program is a dynamic developmental experience in which students are challenged to introspectively examine who they are as emerging leaders.My first impressions of the meeting was how great it was that the entire thing was mainly student organized. The authority figures of the team were all Baruch students, which means i could be up there one day! All in all I learned a lot about the club and its academics and the opportunity it provides to Baruch students. Along with Academics the team is very open and informative. It helps provide familiarity with the school and its events. Team Baruch is definitely something I plan on joining because of its focus in academics. It helps each individual along with each individual helping those around them. This adds a lot of help to leadership qualities. Successfully completing the training program enhances self-awareness, communication, interpersonal, conflict resolution and mediation skills. These are all important skills to have in an academic setting as well as later on in life. We also learn about team dynamics and how working within a high-function team can elicit positive social outcomes. I was very interested in joining Team Baruch because one of the potential positions are being a peer mentor and being an orientation leader. Before this semester I was very confused about college in general and these people made me understand it a lot more so I also want to help others academically in any way i can.