The Global Student Certificate (GSC) program, founded in 2005, is an interdisciplinary, co-curricular program created to enhance student knowledge of intercultural business theory, international economics and international relations. It is unique in the entire City University of New York system. The Global Student Program (GSC) helps all of Baruch College’s three schools to fulfill their respective strategic missions.

The functional objective of the GSC program is to provide a platform for organizing and broadening the range of globalization and intercultural training for Baruch students. This co-curricular program is designed to provide high-achieving students with access to programming that would otherwise not be available to them, and by so doing contribute to and complement their academic success. The high-quality array of events in this program not only offers students a cosmopolitan point of view, but gives them an opportunity to build flexibility and adaptability in international settings. Students learn to work more effectively in their chosen profession by increasing their knowledge of and exposure to different cultural, economic, and institutional environments. Furthermore, students completing this program gain a better understanding of their role as global citizens, confident and comfortable in diverse intercultural situations.

The GSC program is designed to increase participants’ knowledge of foreign countries and cultures, as well as develop a cross-cultural mindset that is sensitive to power differences in intercultural situations. In today’s global economy, this type of knowledge is crucial for employees to function in the global workplace.

GSC students will acquire practical intercultural business, communication, and leadership skills through seminars, story circles, discussions of fine arts and personal reflection.

This program is free to Baruch students.

Our Vision for the GSC

To become the preeminent co-curricular program dedicated to preparing students to become world-class leaders in the 21st century’s global economy by means of leveraging Baruch College’s extraordinary cultural diversity through intensive enrichment programs designed to help students thrive in a range of cultural environments.

GSC Coordinator

The GSC Coordinator is Sarah Demetz. She has been at the Weissman Center for International Business since 2007, in a variety of capacities. Currently she is the Associate Director of the Weissman Center, providing academic and career advising for International Business majors and advising for any students wishing to complete an internship abroad, in addition to running the GSC.