Audio Projects

The Reflection briefing will include presentations in small groups or individually. Students will listen to the podcast of their choice from the list below, and present to the rest of the program participants. Podcast episodes are selected to teach about an event or person in history which exemplifies the difficulty of cross-cultural interactions.

Your presentation should answer the questions:

  • What cross-cultural interaction took place, and what was the context?
  • Who was involved?
  • What fatal cultural mistake was made, if any? What cultural success took place, if any?
  • What can we learn from this event today?

“Captain Cook’s First Voyage” You’re Dead To Me

Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Acast

The hosts of this comedy/history podcast discuss the British explorer’s encounter with the Polynesian Islanders. Who learned from whom?

“Ngola Nzinga” AfriWetu

Apple Podcasts, Spotify,

This warrior queen in 17th century West Africa held off Portuguese colonial rule for decades. How successful was she? Very successful.

“The Translator, Malintzin” What’s Her Name?

Website, Spotify Stitcher

Was she a translator, a traitor, or a dutiful wife? All of the above?

“The Viking Conquest of Normandy” The French History Podcast

Website with full text, Spotify, Apple Podcasts You need only to listen to the intro, and chapters 1 and 2, approximately until 1:13.

How the Vikings took over a part of France and made it their own. Plus: Rollo, more than a delicious chocolate!

“The Backwaters of Kerala” Wonders of the World Podcast

Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Usually when we think about trade with the East, we think China and camels traveling through deserts. But pepper was where it started, and India was the place to get it.

“Robert Hart, Chinese Customs” Chinese Characters

Website, Apple Podcasts

Modernising China was, in part, the work of a boy from Northern Ireland. Wait, what?