We will hold a series of briefings and assignments, in which we will travel through the stages of the Intercultural Praxis method of developing a cross-cultural mindset. All students must attend each briefing and complete the associated assignment.

  • Inquiry
  • Framing
  • Positioning
  • Dialogue
  • Reflection
  • Action
A ring with six steps, including Inquiry, Framing, Positioning, Discussion, Reflection and Action.
Jessica Arana’s Infographic Overview of Kathryn Sorrell’s Intercultural Praxis Model

The Inquiry briefing is our orientation and welcome. In this seminar we will explore why we are undertaking this program and what we hope to get out of it. We’ll also discuss the development of intercultural communication as a field and touch on some of the main models and theories. We’ll introduce the Intercultural Praxis model.

The Framing and Positioning briefing is the seminar that most resembles a lecture or a class. We will turn the focus on our own selves as cultural beings, and discuss how we relate to other cultural groups.

Intermission: We’ll take a break to play some cross-cultural games, discovering some things about ourselves as we do so.

The Dialogue briefing will take the format of a Story Circle.

Intermission: We will take a break from the Praxis model with an examination of geography and why it’s important.

The Reflection and Action briefing will include personal project presentations, and a final essay assignment.