World Cultures, World Arts Series

GSC students will attend an Arts Masterclass in the World Cultures, World Arts Series. See the Series Schedule page for more information. Masterclasses are held once a semester, on a Thursday from 1-2 pm on Zoom. 

GSC students are required to attend these seminars, and are expected to participate interactively. While the lectures are open to the Baruch community, they are designed with a GSC student in mind.

True to George Weissman’s guiding philosophy, the World Cultures, World Arts Series bridges the gap between the business education of a Baruch student and the cultural and artistic world. The series’ aims include:

  • Recognizing cultural, artistic or historical references and discuss them with depth, accuracy and meaning
  • Gaining an appreciation for visual and performing arts, a necessary task in a primarily business-oriented school
  • Extending students’ knowledge of fine arts beyond the “classic European masters”
  • Drawing connections between historical works of art and the contemporary world
  • Gaining an appreciation for how artistic expression impacts society
  • Developing a mental timeline of world history, religion and philosophy through art

“The inescapable, important and enduring interaction between the arts, business and community”

George Weissman