The First Vote

Congress passed  the Fifteenth Amendment on February 26, 1869  to the United States Constitution.  It prohibits each government in the nation denying citizens to vote, despite of their race, color, or the previous experience of being a slave  except for women. The drawing from above was by Waud, Alfred R.  to portray the first vote of the African Americans. The intention of the artist was to show the eagerness of the former slaves to vote. This amendment did not only granted the African Americans’ right to vote, but also marked the victory of the Civil War.

9 thoughts on “The First Vote

  1. From black citizens finally got the right to vote in 1869,to Barack Obama won the presidential campaign and became the first black president of the United States in 2008.This remarkable event represents the idea that the United States is finally equal in terms of race.

  2. This is an important event in America’s history when black men were finally able to vote. This picture demonstrates how eager and excited the blacks were with their new status and rights. If you included the 15th Amendment, it would give a background story to the picture.

  3. This primary document is very valuable because it depicts how the 15th amendment was taken into effect and African Americans were able to vote. Here shown the first African American casting a vote into the ballot. It also shows more African Americans lining up, ready to vote.

  4. This drawing was such a nice primary document. It was nice to see an illustration of black men voting in a time where it was very new, and dangerous. It would have been nice if women were on that line also!

  5. I love the picture and what it is potraying. But I don’t think that it is a primary document. I think that it is more of secondary document because it is just an interpretation of the Amendment and primary source are more like evidence.

  6. I think this illustration is great in showing the first African American vote. This shows a remarkable stepping stone for African Americans and their fight to receiving equal rights. I also agree with the above comments that if there was an actual document showing the written 15th amendment it would be a great addition to the drawing.

  7. This picture portrays a significant part of U.S. history. Even though African American’s were no entirly equal during the time of this picture, it illustrates the first step towards obtaining equal rights amongst all races.

  8. The 15th amendment was a huge step in gaining equality. The two previous amendments were the sturcture to strive for equality and the 15th, allowing slaves to vote was sort of like the cherry on top. I wouldn’t consider this a primary document however it is a huge step in history.

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