You Go Girls!

The Seneca Falls Convention was held on July 19-20, 1848 consisting of both men and women whom came together to discuss about women’s rights. This convention was because it started the uprise of woman fighting for their rights. Some politcal gains immediately took effect such as the Married Woman’s Property Act which allowed the rights of ownership to property woman brought into or gained during the marriage.

The Convention had a heated debate over the right for woman to vote. Ultimately it was included and exactly 100 people signed off on this document, mostly women. As a result of the success the held a second convention in Massachusetts.

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  1. I believe that this document is a very important one, in that it shows women sticking up for their rights. It is important to note certain important people who signed this document, such as Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Stanton, and Cynthia Davis. The even more shocking thing is the amount of men who signed this as well, including Frederick Douglass. This document should be shown next to the Fourteenth Amendment in order to show us the rights that women should have.

  2. At the end of the post,Wendy brought the the second convention in Massachusetts,I’ve looked for some historical document about the second convention as well.
    The second National Women’s Rights Convention was held in 1950 in Worcester, Massachusetts.It increased the visibility of the early women’s rights movement in the United States.

    Speeches were given on the subjects of equal wages, expanded education and career opportunities, women’s property rights, marriage reform and temperance. Chief among the concerns discussed at the convention was the passage of laws that would give suffrage to women.
    By 1851, at the second National Women’s Rights Convention in , the issue of women’s right to vote had become a central tenet of the women’s rights movement.

  3. I like this primary document because you can see the words/names clearly. It also has the name of the men and womens that were part of it. This relates well with the choice of topic.

  4. This is a great and important example of a primary document because it shows the supporters for women’s suffrage. As a result of this convention, women were able to have more control over their property. Maybe pictures of the people at the convention would make it more illustrative.

  5. It is so nice to see that in that time period, many woman believed in rights for woman, and came out and supported the fight. I also like that there were some male supporters there also.

  6. I especially like this primary document because of the fact that it is so clear, and you can obviously see that not only women but also men supported women suffrage. It’s interesting to see that that many people came out to the convention. The document is also very clear.

  7. Being a woman myself i find this document to be very important to all women everywhere. It took many years for women to gain the rights that they do and today we thrive in the workplace, socially and in the family setting. Women have become very strong over many years and this document is significant in showing one of our many strengths which is to make things happen when we want things done. This document is also well illustrated in showing how many supporters there were of women being able to own their own property allowing women to move a step further up the ladder of success.

  8. This primary document helps to understand the fight women still are fighting to really have everything equal in society for them. The Woman’s Right Convention, was just the beginning of an ongoing struggle. The rights of a women continue to challenged and oppressed in areas of the work-force and this needs to be change. This primary document lists the individuals, both men and women who invested their time and were dedicated to helping women get the rights they deserved. Today, the same is happening but there is a different group of individuals fighting for the cause and the reasons are different. It would be interesting to juxtapose this primary document with the amendment which gave women the right to vote in the United States.

  9. This primary document shows the list of people who attended the women right convention. It is important to point out that there are male participants in the convention. It is similar to the American Civil War. African Americans are the one who struggle for equality and freedom with the aid from white folks. In this convention, the aid of male participants is very important to obtain female equality when the society is under the rule of male dominance.

  10. This primary document shows the c apability women have. They organized and came together to for a common goal. In addition, the fact that there are men whom signed this document shows that not everyone agree that women should be suppressed.

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