Center forInterdisciplinary Research and Education on Security and Privacy (CRISSP)

Tzipora Halevi, Ph.D., as Co-Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education on Security and Privacy (CRISSP) and NYU Poly, is writing us to inform about the possibility offered to PhD candidates by their program.

At NYU Poly, we are recruiting students (US citizens or green card holders) to apply for our PhD program and our INSPIRE fellowship in the area of Cyber-Security. The Polytechnic Institute of NYU is a top-ranked university and offers great opportunities for jobs after graduation. More information can be found here:

Our NSF-Funded INSPIRE program is focused on Interdisciplinary Studies on Cyber-Security. A very interesting feature of our program is to require both a technical advisor and a non-technical (e.g., from other NYU schools like the Stern School of Economics) co-advisor. Both advisors will be there to guide the students in their research and to inspire them to adopt new approaches to cyber-security.

The offered fellowship is for 2 years and covers tuition and a generous stipend of $30,000 per year after which funding will be provided by the students’ primary advisor. One of the exciting news this year is that our program now accepts students enrolled in Ph.D. programs from different NYU schools (NYU Poly, NYU Courant, NYU Stern and NYU Wagner).

If you think you could be interested, and eligible, for our INSPIRE program, I would be really happy to talk with you about it. My main contacts are:

Work Email: /

Office Phone: (718) 260-4009

Here are some details about our CRISSP Center which administer the INSPIRE fellowship program (

As of now, we are processing applications (for both the PhD program and the INSPIRE Fellowship) on a rolling bases.

Best Regards,

Tzipora Halevi, Ph.D.

Researcher, NYU Poly

Assistant Director, CRISSP

Tel. 718-260-4009