Honors Ambassadors

Honors Program Ambassadors (HPA’s)
are the official student representatives of the
Baruch College Honors Program. As such,
HPA’s are a select group of volunteers who
assist in the process of admitting students
into the BCHP by sharing their experiences
as Honors students. HPA’s are characterized
by their strong interpersonal and
communication skills, excellent academic
records, and intimate knowledge of student
life and academics at Baruch College.

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HPA Description

HPA Application

***Recruitment for Fall 2020 has officially ended (applications were due Aug. 28, 2020). Look forward to details for the next recruitment cycle which will take place during the Fall 2021 term!***


Current Ambassadors

Alysia Sangster

“While working with high school seniors to ensure a smooth and easy transition to college, I noticed I would constantly tell my students about my experience at Baruch, and about all the perks of being in the Honors Program. Therefore, when I learnt of the opportunity to be an official Ambassador, I decided to take it. Many students are unaware of the opportunities and advantages at their fingertips, provided by both Baruch and the Honors Program. As such, I look forward to speaking with prospective and incoming students about all our urban campus has to offer. I am excited to break the stereotype of Baruch being only a business school, and to dissolve the intimidating stature of the Honors Program. I cannot wait to meet with these students and help them to see Baruch and the Honors Program are just the right fit for them.” – Alysia

Katrynna Jackowicz 

“I decided to become an Honors Ambassador my sophomore year at Baruch. I wanted to join this program because I know how overwhelming the college selection process is, especially when studying an unpopular major. Before applying to colleges, I knew little about Macaulay or the CUNY system. I want to help other prospective students understand the advantages and resources that Macaulay has. It is important for students to weigh the pros and cons that come with attending any college. As an HPA, I hope to help prospective students make the best decision for their future.” – Kat

Nikki Wen

Wen Photo“When I was applying to colleges, I went a little overboard creating multiple spreadsheets in an effort to find out which college was the right choice for me. Now that I’m at Baruch, I can safely say that I made the right choice and that the Honors Program Ambassadors played a key role. Choosing a college is more than purely academics, it also involves choosing an environment that will bring out the best in you. My brief glimpse into Baruch’s collegiate life was largely informed by ambassadors who have then gone on to become friends and mentors after I attended. They were representative of the great community we have here at Baruch and make the transition to a very large city feel cozy. I became an Honors Ambassador to give back to the community and I hope I will be able create moments of clarity for prospective students the same way that those before me have.” – Nikki

Aja Tarrao

Photo“Hello! Being an Honors Student at Baruch College has been one of the best experiences of my life. Besides the obvious perks of the honors program (tuition scholarship, priority registration, etc.) I have found endless benefits in being a part of the honors community. The honors program has supported me and pushed me to succeed in all my endeavors, both academic and professional. I have gained friendships and incredible advisors who have helped me navigate college. That is why I decided to join the Ambassador Program. I would love to share my experiences and help new prospective students hear about the amazing things Baruch and the Honors Program has to offer. I am excited for the opportunity to help students decide that Baruch is the right fit for them.” – Aja

Chaamy Yapa

“As an honors student starting my sophomore year, I reflected upon my first year with much appreciation for the many opportunities and support I received. I was inspired to join the Baruch Honors Ambassadors program because of the level of comfort I felt after speaking to upperclassmen at info sessions and orientation last year and the support that followed afterwards. I also wanted to spread word about the way the Baruch Honors program pushes students to do well, strive for more challenges, and shoot far in coursework, extracurricular activities, and more. I was drawn to working closely with other students who were empowered and looking to further the vibrant culture that keeps us all connected. As my journey continues, I will cherish every new experience that comes my way, because it will have me looking forward to sharing them with prospective students who wish to do the same.” – Chaamy

Victoria Wright 

“I joined the Ambassador’s program during my sophomore year at Baruch. My honors advisor told me about this program and it piqued my interest because the honors program has provided me with so many opportunities and assistance with navigating Baruch. I’ve made friends with many of my peers and know I have the support I need through my program. I’d like to share that knowledge with others and help them learn whether or not Baruch may be the place for them. My favorite portion of the program so far has been providing information to prospective students and parents from the point of view of a current student during tabling events. There are many uncertainties that come with choosing a college and I love to help make the decision just a bit easier.”- Victoria

Irene Tsahas

Student Irene sitting cross legged in front of a tall apartment building at night.“I decided to join the Honors Ambassador Program during my sophomore year because I wanted to give back to the Baruch Honors Program community by sharing all of my positive experiences. When I was a high school senior, I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed to make sure I was choosing the “right school,” which seemed like the most terrifying decision at the time. However, throughout the process, I was able to reach out to current Baruch students who were more than willing to take time to talk with me by sharing their experiences. To this day, I’m extremely grateful for each one of those students who advised me through the process. Through the Honors Ambassador Program, I love that I’m able to pay it forward and guide the next class of incoming students.” – Irene

Felicia Napoli

Student Felicia sitting on a bed smiling with a plant behind her.“Being an honors student goes beyond academic rigor. It is what happens outside of the classroom that truly distinguishes us. Hence clubs, community service, sports, internships, and simply supporting peers were a big part of my high school career. The Honors Ambassador position appealed to me not only as a satisfier for my desire to be involved throughout college, but also as an opportunity to share my experiences with prospective students since I was in their shoes not too long ago. Living up to the term “honor” is demanding and challenging, yet insightful and rewarding. The Honors staff understands this, aiding each student on their journey to success. As a current sophomore, I am working towards living up to the granted “honors” status, and I encourage future students to do the same with me in the heart of New York City at Baruch College. ” – Napoli

Teona Pagan
Student Teona wearing a professional pantsuit with one arm on her hips, smiling.
“In the huge world that is New York City, incoming students can automatically feel intimidated by this new setting that is “college”. When I learned about the opportunity to apply to be a resource for incoming students outside of just being a fellow student in class, I immediately hopped on it. As the Baruch Honors Program Puzzle reiterates, being an Honors student encompasses way more than just maintaining a prestigious GPA. By taking advantage of the various programs that are offered to you as a student with a plethora of identities, your undergraduate journey will be more than successful. My job as an Honors Program Ambassador has not only allowed me to share many of these resources with students, but it has also awarded me with the chance to assist in making this transition into college and the Baruch Honors family one that is easy and rewarding. Thanks to the blanket of support that comes along with joining this family of scholars, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Baruch thus far, and hopefully, as an HPA, I can help other incoming students feel the same.” – Teona

Sitara Sawh

“At the beginning of my sophomore year I was looking for a way to get more involved outside of the classroom. I decided to become an Honors Program Ambassador because the role seemed like a great way to give back to the Honors community at Baruch College. Moreover, I knew that through sharing my experiences I would be able to help prospective students in the process of deciding whether Baruch is the right fit for them. I vividly remember visiting Baruch as a high school student and appreciating the advice and knowledge of the Ambassadors at that time, who could relate to their potential future peers. That I am now in a position to make a difference is truly gratifying.”–Sitara


Ingrid Gendler

“I decided to join the Honors Ambassador Program upon my advisor’s recommendation in my sophomore year and it has been an amazing experience. In addition to strengthening my interpersonal communication skills, participating in this program has acquainted me with the incredible opportunities the Honors Program and Baruch offer their students and the dedicated people who facilitate them. I understand how difficult making the decision about what college to attend can be, and how invaluable the insight current students can share is to that process. Having gone through a challenging experience myself, I found the opportunity to ease this decision making process for someone else, through being an HPA, a deeply rewarding experience.” – Ingrid

Felix Malamud

“I decided to join the Ambassadors Program during my sophomore year  because I found that it is the perfect opportunity to give back to the Baruch community and get involved outside the academic realm. When I was deciding on which college to attend, I was immediately drawn to Baruch due to its diverse opportunities for academic, professional, and personal development. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a prospective student, learning from previous Ambassadors and still finding myself uncertain about which college was best for me. Now, I find myself in those past Ambassadors’ shoes, speaking with prospective students during open houses and campus tours, sharing my experiences as an Ambassador and Baruch student, and giving them insight to all the resources and opportunities that Baruch has to offer. Knowing that even the smallest piece of advice and information I could give to students can make a huge difference in their difficult decision is extremely rewarding and humbling. I’ve enjoyed every opportunity I had to share my experiences with the next generation of Baruch students and have never looked back on my decision to become an Ambassador.” – Felix

Sherry Chen

“Before starting my college journey at Baruch College, I always wanted to be an ambassador for my college and help prospective students choose the best school for themselves. It was a life-changing experience to be an Honors Ambassador. I continued to guide students through their college-seeking process and promote Baruch to many people. My goal is to become a role model for upcoming students and to create a genuine relationship with each individual by sharing my personal experiences and tips for academic excellence. Through this program, I was able to enhance my communication skills, improve my public speaking ability, and develop self-confidence. I highly recommend others to take this opportunity and break out of their comfort zone through the Honors Ambassador program.” – Sherry

Shamira Talukder

“At the start of my sophomore year at Baruch College, I decided that I wanted to become more involved on campus. When I learned about the Honors Program Ambassadors opportunity I knew the program was the perfect fit. Back in high school, I was involved with a similar program for my honors society in teaching new students about our school.  I was also a Big Sib, which is similar to First Year Seminar leaders. I loved working these programs and was grateful for a chance to do the same at Baruch College. Furthermore, I want to give back to my community, such as the Honors Program that gave me many wonderful opportunities.  Lastly, every student has a unique story regarding their journey as a Baruch student and I want to share mine to inspire incoming students to begin their own success stories.” – Shamira


Tatiana Economopoulos

“At the beginning of my sophomore year I was looking for an opportunity to speak with potential new students, and also share the amazing information and resources I have learned about during my time in the honors program. The Honors Ambassador Program appealed to me because it is a way to reach future students and help them make the best college decision for them. Having graduated from a very small high school, transitioning to college felt overwhelming as it does for many people. My goal is to not only share the positive experiences of my time at Baruch and specifically the honors program, but also to ease common concerns and fears of what college can be like. Being able to share advice and information can hopefully help prospective students smoothly transition to their college experience.” –Tatiana


Former Ambassadors

David Rosenthal, Class of 2018

“I decided to become an Honors Program Ambassador for a multitude of reasons. I remember how it felt during my senior year of high school, not knowing which college was the right choice for me and overwhelmed by the options available. I remember the struggle of not having anyone to ask for advice, specifically with regards to Baruch and what its honors program has to offer. I believe that I have the knowledge to help high school seniors and potential incoming freshmen make the right choice for themselves and their future, whether at Baruch or elsewhere. I also believe that I have experienced many of the pros and cons of Baruch, something that high school seniors should be aware of before making their decision. I love being able to help these students by giving off this information to them before they make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.” – David­

Anna Glinski, Class of 2018

“I had decided to join the Ambassadors Program my junior year because I wanted to share my positive experiences at Baruch College with potential new students. Searching for the right school is extremely overwhelming, as I remember myself! I wanted to facilitate that process by speaking with students directly, especially by being able to speak on how I have experienced the school the last 3 years. What I enjoy the most about the program is forming personal connections with the prospective students. I have found that sometimes I will say one thing, and afterward, the student will come up to me privately to talk to me about the topic. Because I have been in the prospective students’ shoes myself, I know how valuable my knowledge and opinions are. Ultimately, it feels great to know that I could have an impact on students’ decisions to come to Baruch College!” – Anna

 Zachary Nabavian, Class of 2018

“I joined the program in my junior year because I believed that at that point I had become familiar with Baruch enough that I could help incoming freshman become acclimated with the college. To me as a freshman, college life seemed complicated foreign and intimidating. I recall from my last year in high school how the admitted student’s panel made the prospect of college seem much more manageable. I have enjoyed giving advice to people in the same position I was in during my senior year. I also recall the challenge of finding the right college and the confusion of what exactly the right college means. Discussing with high school seniors what they are looking for in a college and helping them understand what Baruch has to offer to them has been one of the most satisfying experiences working with the Ambassadors.” – Zachary

Michael Lomtevas, Class of 2018

“Having graduated from a high school that specialized in aviation maintenance, I was totally disoriented during my first few weeks at Baruch. “Where are all the airplanes?”, I remember thinking to myself; I didn’t know what I would study, let alone how I’d spend my time in college. But if college is supposed to be a journey where we find ourselves, it’s one I couldn’t have enjoyed embarking on more. Baruch’s Honors Program gave me the tools I needed to discover who I am and where my interests were, and it gave me a clearer picture of what my future is going to look like. That’s why I became an Honors Ambassador: to share my experiences with the Honors Program with tomorrow’s generation of Baruch students, and to help them make the right college decision.” – Michael

Maria Lorenzo, Class of 2018

“I am a senior majoring in Political Science. I became an HPA because I felt that the honors program offered me many privileges, and this was one opportunity to give back. I really enjoy helping people figure out the first step in their college career… choosing that college! Also, I appreciate being a model of what it means to be an honors scholar. Along with this and teaching first-year seminar, I am given the chance to share my experiences to provide advice and insight to the next generation.” – Maria

Markella Giannakopoulos, Class of 2019

“I decided to join the Honors Ambassadors Program because I remember going to all the open houses and orientations when I was a prospective student. I kept trying to decide between schools and while all their programs were really great, the one thing that stood out for me at Baruch was the students. They ultimately helped me to choose Baruch and as an Ambassador I hope that I can help other students make their decisions.” – Markella




Vincent Gangemi, Class of 2019

“I had decided to join the Ambassadors Program my sophomore year at Baruch after my senior friend recommended it. He told me it was an exciting way to complete our honors required hours. Though this was true, the program has proven to be so much more than that. As someone who clearly remembers being uncertain during my senior year of high school when trying to find which college best fit me, being able to talk to prospective students who are in the shoes I was in is extremely rewarding. I feel as though I can tell them all the things I wish I knew when I was in their position. The program has also helped me develop my communication and interpersonal skills. Most of all, I really enjoy getting to share with prospective students what it is like being an Honors student here at Baruch.” – Vincent

Rishi Dutt, Class of 2019

“I joined the Ambassadors Program in my sophomore year because I wanted to give back to the Baruch Honors community. Coming into Baruch, I was unsure of many things, including whether I made the right decision in choosing to attend Baruch. Throughout my first year, the Honors Program helped me to find some of my closest friends and take full advantage of all the resources Baruch has to offer, which helped me to settle in and feel like I had found another home at Baruch.This is also what I enjoy most about working as an Ambassador — helping to share my experience of finding this sense of family and community and developing these close relationships with my peers. I feel that there may be other students deciding if they should attend Baruch but don’t know if they will fit in, and my experience may help to shed some light on the transition period after high school and make the decision a little easier.” — Rishi

Paulina Nowakowski, Class of 2019

“I decided to join the Ambassadors program for many reasons. As someone who was always a shy and quiet person, I knew that this experience would be a challenge, but I knew that I wanted to give back to Baruch. I was excited to be able to help prospective students make decisions regarding which college they want to attend and whether Baruch would be the best fit. Now as a senior graduating with an Actuarial Science degree, I believe that I have a lot of valuable information regarding classes, clubs, internships, and everything else Baruch has to offer that I would love to pass on to other students.” — Paulina


Katherine Dorovitsine, Class of 2020

“My decision to attend Baruch was based largely upon the vast and diverse opportunities I saw for myself and my fellow students in the program. Now that I have been able to pursue many of these opportunities, I love sharing those experiences with students interested in joining Baruch and providing some insight into the many resources Baruch can offer to students. My favorite part of the role is now seeing students who attended information sessions with me, begin at Baruch and come to share how they have become involved on campus and found their fit.” – Katherine



Zill Ratanji, Class of 2020

“Because my high school was the only one to provide specialized career training in my county, there was an application process to attend it. To help prospective students understand all that my school had to offer, tours were given by enrolled students every weekend of the school year and I was one of the head tour guides/ambassadors. I loved learning about my school and was even more passionate about sharing all my school’s opportunities with prospective students. Therefore, when I found out that HPA served the same purpose I knew immediately that I had to join! Just knowing that I’m helping other students see that Baruch could very possibly be an option for them is so gratifying!” – Zill

Ashley Bolivard, Class of 2020

“I decided to become an Honors Program Ambassador here at Baruch because I was interested in the opportunity to connect with prospective students by sharing my knowledge of the Baruch community. Choosing the right college is already a daunting task as a high school student and I am happy to ease this process for the students who come to visit. I’ve always enjoyed giving advice and sharing my own experiences with those who are willing to learn, and being an Honors Ambassador allows me to do just that. I aim to encourage students to come to Baruch by sharing my own positive experiences (internships, studying abroad, leadership roles) that would not have happened if I decided to go elsewhere. My job as an Honors Ambassador is to make the college selection process less daunting and more exciting.” – Ashley