Request to Defer — Macaulay and Baruch Scholars

Please read all policies before submitting your request for a deferral for one year. The request to defer is final.


Once you have been admitted to Baruch College as a freshman for the Fall term, you may submit a request form for approval to defer your admission to the Macaulay Honors College at Baruch College or the Baruch Scholars program for one year (two semesters) for any of the following reasons:

  • Work
  • Travel
  • Military service
  • Religious study
  • To pursue a special opportunity

Deadline to request

 A formal request for a deferral explaining the reason why the student would like to defer his/her admission must be submitted no later than May 1. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

  • All students must submit the response form and commitment deposit on or before May 1. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

 Important guidelines

 Requests for a deferral are subject to approval by the Director of Admissions. You will receive an email with a decision within five business days.

  • All decisions are final.
  • Approval is contingent upon successful completion of any high school coursework in progress at the time the approval is granted. You will need to provide a final high school transcript indicating date of graduation. Most NYC public high schools as well as some private, parochial and out­-of-town schools automatically send your final record to CUNY. Please check with your high school guidance office to confirm that your final high school transcript will be sent. If you do need to send a final official transcript, arrange to have it mailed to CUNY’s University Application Processing Center.
  • If approved a student can defer his/her admission for one year only. Deferrals of general college admission to Baruch College for first-year students cannot be longer than one year. Therefore, you cannot receive approval for an extension of your deferral.  Any first year student deferring due to U.S. Military requirements such as basic training or a deployment, may be considered for future entry in the Fall.
  • During a deferred year you must not take any college credit-bearing courses; enrollment in any college credit-bearing courses during the deferred year, regardless of whether or not the course(s) is completed, will nullify the deferment. A deferment assumes the student:
    • Will ultimately enroll at Baruch as a first-time (freshman) college student.
    • Will not enroll at another degree-granting post-secondary institution of higher education during the deferment, prior to his or her enrollment at Baruch.
  • Students wishing to earn college credit during their deferment will be nullifying both their freshmen admission to Baruch and the deferment of that admission. If the student would like to attend Baruch after completing college credits during the deferment, he or she will have to apply for transfer admission to the College and be subject to a transfer application fee. There is no guarantee that such a student will be granted transfer admission to Baruch.
  • If approved a new acceptance form will be sent out to you automatically one semester before you plan to return. Please be sure to return the updated acceptance form. If the college does not receive the form, the student will no longer be considered a deferral and would need to apply again to the college.
  • Students will need to reapply for financial aid (FAFSA) and TAP no later than March prior to the Fall semester in which they plan to enroll.

It is the admitted student’s responsibility to

  • Submit the Deferment Request form to the Office of Admissions no later than May 1.
  • Update the Office of Admissions on any change of email address, physical address, or contact information prior to departure.
  • Adhere to Baruch’s Admission Deferment Policy.
  • Return acceptance forms to the Office of Admissions and file FAFSA and TAP by the March prior to the Fall semester in which they will return.