Hotpot dated back during the Jin Dynasty when the Mongolian horsemen traveled to China. Because of the long arduous journey, they were worn out and hungry and used their helmets to cook soups over open fires and added various meats to the broth.

Hotpot used to be favored only during the winter but now it is popular all year round. Having hotpot during the colder months help you warm up and eating hotpot during the warmer months can help you sweat and cool off the body.

People like eating hotpot because it is a great way to socialize. People gather around the pot to chat, eat, and have fun. It is a good way to spend time with family or friends.

Hotpot with AI

On the day of 11.01.2018, Haidilao’s first smart hot pot restaurant in the world had officially opened in Beijing. Haidilao’s smart restaurant starts from the “bottom of the pot” – soup base and uses big data technology to create a database based on different customers’ preferences. This restaurant will also give customers a new dining experience with a 360° immersive projection environment.  Haidilao’s first smart restaurant, which was built with a total investment of 100 million yuan, not only has advanced the dinning environment, but also delivery robot, “space capsule food” storage, etc. Although, the restaurant still need some human staff to oversee the daily operation and take care of the robots, it is believed that AI technology will be a trend that is applied into food industry in future.

Below is a video about this smart restaurant↓



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