Address: 811 53rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11220

LaoJie hotpot is an all you can eat hotpot restaurant located in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Price: $21.95
  • Tel: (718) 431-0026
  • Hours: MON-SUN 1 PM- 2AM

They have 7 soup base to choose from including

  • Herbal Soup Base
  • Bone Cylinder Soup Base
  • Hot & Spicy Base
  • Fresh Mushroom Soup Base
  • Dark Chicken Satay Wolfberry Soup Base
  • Calm, Scallop, Winter-melon Soup Base
  • Tomato Soup Base

Personal Experience

I personally love hotpot and have tried several different hotpot restaurants in NYC. A few weeks ago, I visited LaoJie for the first time and I love this restaurant. I personally didn’t make the reservation but my friend did. We booked a table for 6 for 10:30 PM. The interior looks nice and simple. They have a lot of small decorations in the restaurants that make it unique such as a whole wall full of cassettes, old record player, and other old decorations. There is also a music playing in the background. The food was good, and the meat quality is slightly higher. I order an individual hotpot with the bone cylinder soup base. I like the environment and the staffs were nice. I like that LaoJie is still opened after midnight where most other restaurants are closed by 11 PM.

One thing I don’t like about this is that they don’t have a website for online reservations, the only way to make a reservation is to make a phone call.

Remember to call and make a reservation in advance because LaoJie is very busy and crowded.