MGT 9967

Welcome to Technology, Innovation & Design. On this page, you will find links to the resources we will use in the course and a list of all the student blog sites.

The primary resource for all technology training will be the Makerhub website. Here you will find tutorials on 3D printing, interactive electronics, video editing, and digital presentations. As a reminder, these tutorials are designed to teach you the basics of various technologies versus in-depth expertise. The focus of our course is on prototyping and using as many cheap / free resources as possible.

And if you struggle? The Makerhub team and I are here to help you. All I ask is for your best effort and a willingness to try new technologies. Oh and have fun!

Visit the Makerhub website for all tutorials. Here are some quick links:
3D design modules
Interactive electronics
Video editing
Digital presentations

Syllabus and other details
You can find the syllabus, weekly homework, and a link to all student blogs from the navigation menu on the right.