Thinking Inside the Box

Where would archivists be without supplies? Especially document boxes, manilla folders, and inter-leaving paper (to separate documents) by the ream, all certifiably non-acidic, to be sure. Processing the 700-plus cartons of Baruch’s collection of the New York Bureau of Municipal Research and the Institute of Public Administration requires literally tons of supplies, a new installment of which was delivered this week to the archives in the William and Anita Newman Library at 151 East 25th Street. There were 20 humongous boxes and five smaller ones, shrink-wrapped on wooden pallets and delivered by hand truck. That’s Project Archivist  Aleksandr Gelfand checking out the delivery and Mike Lasko doing the heavy lifting.

Thanks again to Carnegie Corporation of New York for its generous grant to kick off the processing, uh, process.



After all the contents were laboriously offloaded and stored away, there was the problem of the empty boxes.  Anyone remember moving day?