Gulick Makes History

As Keepers of the Luther Gulick Flame, we’re always happy when students and scholars visit the Archives to tap the riches of the IPA Collection and Gulick Papers. (Once we finish our digitization project, much of the material will be available on line.) So we were delighted recently to host Prof. Vincent Di Girolamo’s history class on the Great Depression. We presented a Prezi précis on Gulick’s work with FDR, particularly the President’s Committee on Administrative Management that remade the executive branch into the powerful modern presidency, better able to restore economic functioning and mobilize for World War II.

Here’s Ralph speaking to the class:

And here’s the nice note we got back:

(How’d he know we love typewriters?)

Thanks to Prof. DiGirolamo and his responsive students for their interest in a pivotal figure in American political science.

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