Results of the Technology Loan Service Desk Survey

student using tech loan kioskThe Library conducted its first formal survey of users of the technology loan service desk from April 23 through May 18, 2017.  We received 173 responses.  The winner of the $20 Amazon gift card incentive was Brenda Kuang.  We were pleased to see that overall satisfaction with the service is high with 96% of respondents reporting being satisfied or very satisfied.  We were also pleased that two-thirds of users reported waiting times of 2 minutes or less, while 92% of borrowers were served in 5 minutes or less.

However, we also learned quite a bit about what needs to be done to improve the service for our students.  Based on the responses, we commit to doing the following:

  • Install additional software: Adobe Creative Cloud, statistical software, video editing, Chrome, etc.
  • (Re)Enable Printing on the Baruch Network: This was available until we postponed an upgrade of our print management system.  We will make wifi printing active on all the laptops again.
  • Add equipment to loan:  Phone and laptop chargers,  headphones, mice, cameras, microphones, etc.
  • Upgrade equipment: We are replacing many units with newer models over the summer.
  • Increase the Number of MacBooks and units that loan for 3 days.
  • Continue to reduce waiting time: We are looking into additional staff and streamlined procedures.
  • Expand Self-Service: We are purchasing a new loan kiosk for the Library and an additional, larger one for the 6th floor computer lab.

The technology loan service is among the most heavily used services of the Newman Library with over 50,000 loan transactions recorded between February and May 2017.