Curatorial Statement


An Exhibition Featuring Artworks from the Baruch College Art Collection

Curated by Josey Bartlett, Jason Brown, Jess DeAngelis, Rachel Deen, Fay Duftler, Rob Maitner, Amanda McDowall, Sam Meyer, Pola Mora, Stephanie O’Brien, Kristy Pavlick, Madeline Pollis, Sara Ramsawak, Dasom Sohn, Patricia Stachowicz, Yesseña Whitfield, Tim Wroten, and Magda Zdunczyk

Artists include Shusaku Arakawa, Myrland Constant, Milton J Hinton, Hung Liu, Uwe Rau, Edward Steichen, and Andy Warhol

Looking to Hear is an exhibition featuring twenty-one artworks from the Baruch College Art Collection, curated by the 2020 Contemporary Issues in Curating Class. This exhibition offers new perspectives on the often overlooked artworks that cover the hallways throughout campus.

Featuring artworks in media as broad as photography, tapestry, painting, and lithography, and including works dating back to 1927 – nearly 100 years ago – this exhibition draws attention to pieces that elaborate on the relationship between seeing a work of art and hearing one. Many of these artworks are homage to musicians themselves, but upon closer looking and listening, we learn of mythologies, histories and reinterpretations of the past. Some artists like Milton J Hinton and Uwe Rau use photography to depict a live performance, while others like Myrland Constant weave together multiple narratives, or like Edward Steichen, they capture a performer posing alluringly. Together, these artworks trace how artists have approached the complex world of listening.

To make this exhibition as accessible as possible, it lives both on this website, and physically throughout campus through QR codes which generate audio guides.

WISH YOU WERE HERE and LOOKING TO HEAR are two online exhibitions that offer new perspectives on the often-overlooked artworks covering the hallways throughout campus.