image of 6 women with the title "LTS 3012 Latinas"

Welcome to LTS 3012 – Latinas: A Social and Cultural Survey!

Latinas is a collaborative design course in which the students and the professor work together to choose the readings for the semester, the assignment types, and the class code of engagement. We read literary and critical works by and about Latina women in the United States and address a wide range of subjects including gender and sexuality, language, politics, family relationships, education and labor relations, literary and artistic expression, and the construction and expression of Latina identities. The class is discussion-based and designed to enhance student appreciation and awareness of the many roles of Latinas in the family, the community, and the country.

Through an exploration of literature by and about Latinas, students explore the social, political, cultural, and economic histories of Latinas throughout the United States. We explore Latina identities and develop an understanding of Latina experiences through class discussions and assignments. Additionally, students engage in a variety of communication-intensive activities, both oral and written, designed to enhance their appreciation and awareness of the role of Latinas on the local and national levels.

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