Performance of “La Gringa” or BLS Event Reflection

Guidelines for La Gringa Review

If you are able to attend the LIVE performance of La Gringa at Repertorio EspaƱol on May 7th, you may choose to either write a 1-2 page double spaced essay, record a 3-5 minute podcast, or create 6-8 images with brief captions reflecting on the experience. You should include what you learned from the performance, any questions you thought of while watching the play, how it compared with reading the text, and what your overall takeaways were from the performance. Be sure to include an introduction, organize your ideas in a thoughtful manner, and tie everything together in the end (conclusion).

Guidelines for BLS Event

If you are unable to attend a showing of La Gringa, you may instead choose to attend one of the approved events found on the BLS Events page on our class blog (some of which we will attend as a class).

For this assignment you will connect the content we have covered in class this semester to the event that you attend. While many of these are not exclusively connected to Latinas, there are likely to be thematic issues that are brought up that you can tie back to what we have discussed in class.

To demonstrate these connections, you may choose to write a 1-2 page (double spaced) essay that shows your understanding of the ways in which the event connects to the course themes, record a 3-5 minute podcast demonstrating the similarities, differences and/or connections between the two, or create 6-8 images comparing and contrasting the course content with the specific event. Whether you choose to write, speak, or visually interpret, you will want to be sure to explain what you have learned from considering this event in conversation with our course.