Semester Research Project

LTS 3012 – Latinas: A Social and Cultural Survey

Spring 2024 – Dr. Salois

This semester we have read literature and conducted research on the social, cultural, and political histories of Latinas in the United States. We have explored Latina identities and developed a better understanding of a myriad of Latina experiences. For this research project, you will choose a specific topic on which to conduct further, detailed research. The purpose of this project is to give you the opportunity to analyze, in greater depth, any topic connected to US Latinas. You may choose to focus on one or more of the texts we read in class, to expand on a class discussion topic, or to investigate a new subject related to Latina/e women. You should choose a NARROW topic that interests YOU.

A broad topic such as “Latinas in New York” or “Latina Identity” will not work, you must be more specific. For example, “The pressures on second generation Latinas in New York to complete a degree in higher education” or “The similarities between ‘Botánica’ and La Gringa when it comes to identity and self-acceptance” would be a better place to start.

You may choose to present your research in whatever way you think is most appropriate to your topic and your own personal strengths. This could be in the form of a podcast, a video, a website, a paper, an art project, a presentation, a (live or pre-recorded) performance, a zine, a comic book, or anything else you can come up with. The project must demonstrate your research and provide an analysis of the subject you have chosen but is otherwise open-ended.

As part of the brainstorming process, you may want to consider some of the following questions. These are not intended to be answered explicitly, but can serve as a tool for narrowing down the focus of your project:

1. Which reading/subject am I most interested in studying? Why?

2. What did I find interesting about that? OR What do I wish I had learned more about?

3. Why do I want to know more about this subject?

4. How can I narrow down my focus to make this topic more specific?

Grade Breakdown

The breakdown of the Final Project grade is as follows. The total of the points from these five components will be worth 30% of your total grade for the semester.

  • Project Proposal          5pts.
  • Draft Bibliography     5pts.
  • Quote Analysis           5pts.
  • Status Update              5pts.
  • Final Project               75pts.
  • Final Bibliography      5pts.

Project Requirements

  • Project Proposal
    • An explanation of your research topic, including why you wish to investigate this subject and what you hope to learn.
    • The format you would like to pursue for demonstrating your knowledge. If you are uncertain, you can suggest up to two or three formats and your thoughts as to why you might choose each one.
  • Bibliography/Works Cited
    • A minimum of five sources that will support and defend your overall thesis; at least three of them must be contemporary (2003 or later) CRITICAL sources from the Baruch databases; other sources will vary depending on your project.
    • You may not use encyclopedias or wikis. Blog posts may be used but do not count toward the minimum number of sources. If you are uncertain about a particular source, you are encouraged to check with me.
    • This should be in MLA format. Please use PurdueOWL for help with your specific types of sources. Do NOT citation creators as they rarely provide the complete citation (and I can tell when you’ve used them incorrectly!).
    • This bibliography should be presented on its own page and all sources should be listed in alphabetical order by the first word of the citation and should be formatted using the hanging indent.
  • Quote Analysis
    • A minimum of five quotes that you expect to incorporate into your project with in-text citations (Author page) or (Title timestamp) as appropriate to the source.
    • A one to two sentence interpretation of what that quote means in your own words.
    • A two to three sentence explanation of why the quote is relevant to your project.
  • Project Status Update/Check-In
    • This should be 1-2 pages explaining the progress you have made on your project so far. It should include any changes you have made since your initial proposal, research you still plan on conducting, and a rough explanation of how you will organize your ideas for the final submission.
    • You may also include any other information you think would be helpful for me to know about your progress.
  • Final Submission
    • The details of your final submission will depend on the project format you have chosen. You may end up submitting it via Blackboard, handing it in during class, or presenting/performing it at a prearranged (with me) time.
    • Everyone, no matter how your final project is submitted, will submit a final draft of their bibliography to Blackboard for comments and assessment.
  • Final Project Self-Assessment
    • To be completed in class. I will ask you things about your work including risks taken, effort, creativity, setbacks, and lessons learned.

Deadlines (11:59pm)

  • March 14th: Proposal – I will look over your proposals and provide feedback on them no later than March 18th.
  • March 26th: Draft Bibliography – This should include at least 5 sources that meet the above guidelines. Even if these sources change before you turn in your final project, I should have an idea of what you plan on using. I will provide editorial and formatting feedback on these.
  • April 4th: Quote Analysis – Please follow the guidelines listed above. These quotes may change by the final project but should give me an idea of what you will be prioritizing in your project.
  • April 11th: Status Update – Whether or not you have made changes to your project, please update me on the work you have completed up to this point. Be honest with me and with yourself. This assignment should be seen as a check-in for both of us, not a penalizing assignment.
  • April 18th: Final Project (and Bibliography) Due – No matter how you are submitting your final project, final bibliographies/works cited should be submitted to Blackboard by the end of the day. Bibliographies should appear on their own page at the end of papers and as a separate document any other project format.
  • April 28th: Final Project (and Bibliography) Deadline – Projects received after this date will receive a 10% deduction for each day late. Projects received after 9:00am on May 2nd will not be accepted.

Please make sure you email me with any questions or concerns.