La Gringa 

1)What was the experience of reading the text La Gringa? To what extent were you able to envision the scenes? How did what you imagined compare to what you saw in the staged performance (live or streaming)? What things were exactly how you saw them in your mind? What things were different? How did seeing the play performed change how you understood the written script?

While going into the play La Gringa, I didn’t know what to expect. While reading the play, I found La Gringa’s experience delightful. I was able to relate to the plot of the story a lot. At the same time, I struggled to feel Puerto Rican enough, so that was why I was able to relate to the main character, María, so much. At the same time, I had always heard the term la gringa during my life from family in Puerto Rico and here in New York, so the way it was when we were discussing the play, it was something that I was heavily able to relate to.

Reading the script was very easy to follow, and at the top of every scene, we saw what and where they were and any details we needed to know about where the scene was located. For example, in Scene 3, we can see.  “Lights up on the marquesina. MANOLO’s room Is still dark. MARIA knocks on the door. “This was very helpful in envisioning the play. While it is just a tiny detail, it helps me remember what is happening around the characters.  

But when it comes to the live performance, the set was straightforward. It was going to be a little more. It didn’t hold up to what I thought the stage would look like, so the play wasn’t as I envisioned while reading. The play was straightforward and focused much more on the play and the smaller things mentioned in the play, such as the gifts Maria brings them and trying their best to show a farm. When I saw the play, it changed how I understood it. It helps me understand the characters on another level. 

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