Digital Presentations

What are digital presentations?

Digital content in a presentation can be anything from adding voice-overs and subtitles to chart animations and embedded video.



As more and more school and work programs occur online, it’s critical to be able to present information both synchronously (in-person, or online with you present) and asynchronously (without someone needing to be present to guide the viewer).

Who is this technology for?

 When used correctly, such techniques help your audience identify, understand, and retain information faster and better than static images alone. This technology can help you communicate more information in less time and be assured the audience will remember what they learn. This technology is ideal for:


  • Students want to upgrade their class projects
  • Professors who want to enhance their class material
  • Employees who want to clearly project their ideas to other team members and superiors

Module Lessons

Creating presentations is easy and fun. To get you started, we’ve created a set of lessons for you to follow at your own pace.  Use these lessons to learn how to build your own PowerPoint or Slides presentations.

Lesson One: Intro to embedded media

Lesson Two: Appropriate animations

Lesson Three: Screen capture 

Lesson Four: Recording a presentation

Lesson Five: Putting it all together

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