In The Classroom

We work extensively with professors to augment learning in their courses.

MakerHub is Baruch College’s resident makerspace for technology, design, and entrepreneurship. If you didn’t know we existed, now you do!


The MakerHub team brings hands-on access to advanced technologies into the classroom to augment student learning. We have worked with faculty and students from sciences, arts, communications, management, entrepreneurship, law, and public affairs and are always seeking opportunities to partner with new faculty.

Our programming is designed to be flexible so it can suit various disciplines, learning goals, and teaching modalities. We are happy to work with you to come up with an assignment or project design that makes use of these lessons to support your teaching and your student’s learning.


Want to incorporate MakerHub into your course? Contact us at to get started. Our faculty advisors look forward to helping you and your students learn, make, and play with technology.


The MakerHub is in the Field Center for Entrepreneurship which is room VC 2-140.

Absolutely! We would appreciate you letting us know so that we are prepared to field potential questions from your students.

Yes. We work with all disciplines and all teaching modalities to create hands-on learning experiences that support your curriculum. No matter whether you teach creative writing, psychology, public policy, accounting, or anything else, Makerhub can work with you.

Absolutely! In fact, we work closely with our faculty partners to brainstorm how we may participate in their class to enhance learning outcomes. We also help faculty design assignments that fit their learning goals. Send us an email and begin the conversation!

Yes, please see the section below. Hopefully we can feature you there one day soon!

Faculty Feedback

Professor Suzanne Dell’Orto: Fine and Performing Arts

“One of the best things about working with MakerHub in my class is that students get to work with MakerHub as an “outside vendor” where, after sending out their files, they have limited control over the result. They learn a new skill (3D modeling with Tinkercad), and work in groups, and then get to see what happens to an idea when it gets sent out for fabrication." Read more How to edit a video using iMovie

Let's Connect!

Our mission is to help your students become more confident with technology. We promote an entrepreneurial mindset that focuses on students taking ownership of their learning, developing intrinsic motivation, and embracing making as a learning modality.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us!