Electronic Circuitry

What is electronic circuitry?

Our electronics facilitate our lives. It is difficult to imagine a world without electronics. The study of electronics and circuitry opens a whole new world of creativity. Through electronics and circuitry, we can work on our own circuit boards, diagnose or troubleshoot electronics, and even repair broken devices. We can also create fun new gadgets. The possibilities are endless.

Who is this technology for?

Electronic circuitry is accessible to anyone! You can design your own ideas and create your own devices! It really is up to you to decide what you want to build. This technology will let you.

  • Create your own devices
  • Learn a new skill
  • Make interactive art
  • Have some fun with technology

Module Lessons

There are a lot of steps to learning interactive electronics. To get you started, we’ve created a set of lessons for you to follow at your own pace.  Use these lessons to learn how to build your own electronics.

Lesson One: System Design

Lesson Two: Basic Circuitry Knowledge

Lesson Three: Electronics Tools

Lesson Four: Lighting an LED

Lesson Five: Tilt Switch

Lesson Six: Photoresistor and LED

Lesson Seven: Button with Piezo Speaker

Lesson Eight: Dimming an LED

Lesson Nine: Button Input for LED

Lesson Ten: Ultrasonic Sensor Alarm

Recent Work

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Our mission is to help you become more confident with technology. No prior technology experience is required – just a willingness to learn and have fun while doing it!

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