Virtual & Augmented Reality

What is VR, AR and MR?

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are often used interchangeably, however, there is a difference.


Virtual Reality uses computer software to create a simulated environment that you fully immerse yourself in. 


Augmented Reality is essentially virtual graphics overlaid in the real world.  A simple example would be a photo filter that places a dancing monkey on your head.


Mixed Reality (MR) represents a blending or merging of both the real world and the virtual world to create new, interactive experiences.

Who is this technology for?

While definitely fun, these technologies are not simply for play. There’s a big industry about to bloom with this technology. This is your chance to get started with cutting edge technology.


This technology is ideal for:

  • People who want to boost the résumé
  • Retailers looking to show their merchandise digitally
  • Gamers who want to take their skills to the next level
  • Software engineers who want to build next-generation applications

Module Lessons

There are a lot of steps to learning virtual reality. To get you started, we’ve created a set of lessons for you to follow at your own pace. Use these lessons to learn how to engage with VR/AR. So let’s dive right in. Click lesson 1 to get started.

Lesson One: Experience VR/AR

Lesson Two: Business Applications

Lesson Three: Create Your Own

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