Rachel Turley – Photoville Assignment

The exhibit I chose to focus on at Photoville was one entitled “insider/outsider”. It was put on by Women Photograph. Women Photograph is a coalition that supports women and non-binary visual journalists. A representative from the initiative was there and was kind enough to speak with me about her time working with the organization and her work as an independent photographer. She also explained the exhibit to me, how the terminology of “insider” and “outsider” was completely objective and up to the photographer on how they saw themselves and their contribution to the project. The defintion on what exactly was an “insider” and an “outsider” was also one of the themes I saw a handful of the photographers play with. It was up to them to decide if they were the outsider, or their subject was, or what even was an outsider. There seemed to be an equal number of both insider and outsider photo contributions hanging on their separate walls. it was one of the most busy crates I came across at the event.

One of the most striking photos was a photograph of a mother and her daughter (above) wrapped in a blanket. I found it so appealing because of the juxtaposition of the mother’s confident, stare straight on into the camera, while she does something as inviting and comforting as cradle her daughter in a blanket.

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